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Having someone you love being incarcerated is horrible. However, for better or worse, it is needed to remind them that they did something wrong and have to pay for it. They will have limitations in enjoying things they used to enjoy. Thanks to EComm JPay TDCJ, connecting with them is possible.

EComm JPay TDCJ, Connecting You with Your Incarcerated Loved Ones

EComm JPay TDCJ is a service available if your loved one(s) is incarcerated in TDCJ – Texas Department of Criminal Justice facilities. Your incarcerated ones will get some deposit/commissary item through this service.

JPay itself is actually a service not fully related to EComm TDCJ. JPay is a provider that helps you to connect with your loved ones behind the bars. From transferring money, buying phone time and even send videogram can be done through JPay service.

ECommDirect TDCJ, in the other hand, is a bit different. Through EComm JPay TDCJ, depositing some amount of money is made possible, just like what you’ll get from JPay. Aside from depositing money, remote purchase of commissary items is another feature for this service. The other difference is, EComm TDCJ is limited only for ones incarcerated in Texas only.


EComm JPay TDCJ is owned by the official TDCJ, so you don’t have to worry for fraud. Their website is safe to visit too. However, there are some rules you’ll need to comply to place a deposit or buying items, such as:

  1. You will need to know the offender’s valid ID number as well as the offender’s last name. This will be required to address your money deposit and the commissary items you remotely purchased for them.
  2. If you visit the EComm JPay TDCJ website, you don’t make an account. So, you have to note down those ID number and the offender’s last name anytime you want to make a purchase. Otherwise, you cannot go on with the purchase.
  3. It takes time to your order gets delivered to the inmates. In case of items, the delivery will take place within five business days after the order is placed. While for the fun deposit, the process will take up to two business days after the transfer.
  4. The EComm JPay TDCJ store is open from 4:00 AM to 8:30 PM CST.

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How to Purchase Items or Place Some Deposit through EComm JPay TDCJ Site

You might be new into this. That’s why you need the tutorial of EComm JPay TDCJ so that you will not get lost. Take your note and time to understand these steps.

  1. First of all, prepare the data required: your credit card (Visa, Discover, or Mastercard), and the personal data of the offender (ID number and last name)
  2. Access Texas’ government official website in
  3. Hover the pointer to the top left corner. There’s ‘Service’ tab, click on it, then click the link of ‘Commissary Purchase and Deposit’. You will be redirected to their EComm JPay TDCJ specific site.
  4. Once arriving at the site, read the whole information related and make sure to understand it wholly. Finished reading, you can tick the box adjacent to ‘I accept the terms & conditions’ statement, and click ‘Confirm’ to proceed.
  5. Enter the ID number and last name. Then, click ‘Search’ and see the result. Make sure the first and last name as well as the ID number matches one another. Confirm it to proceed.
  6. After that, you’ll see the EComm JPay TDCJ store page. There’s a link ‘Make a deposit’, you can click it if you want to deposit such amount of money. Or, click on the item categories on the left column.
  7. To make a deposit:
    • Click the relevant link ‘Make a deposit’ then continue to write the amount you want to transfer. The limit per transaction is $300.
    • Click ‘Add to cart’ button.
    • Once you’re on the cart’s page, you can proceed to checkout or continue shopping.
  8. To purchase items:
    • On the left column of the EComm JPay TDCJ page, choose one categories and browse down for items you want to buy.
    • Type the quantity in the box.
    • Click ‘Add to cart’ button once, and complete the purchase by clicking the ‘Shopping cart’. You’ll be directed to the shopping cart page.
  9. Click the check-out button if you done with your shopping.
  10. Review the purchase, and you can finish it by completing the payment details.

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Alright, that’s how to buy items from the official commissary store and to make a deposit in EComm JPay TDCJ. Remember, each inmate has a limit of $60 per quarter and $85 for the fourth quarter (October-December). It means from January-March, April-June, and July-September the limit of purchase is $60.