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Through JPay website, the inmates’ family members and friends can use its services and technologies to transfer money, send email, doing video visitation, and others. JPay is a company that provides services related to correction facility. There are currently 1.5 million of inmates that received its system in 35 states across United States.

JPay Website Services to Choose

Corrections related process at times can be very tough, but they really don’t always have to be. By using JPay website, you may enjoy convenient, simple, and fast services along with strong customer assistance.

Here are several types of services to obtain at JPay official website:

  • Fund transfer

Family member and friends of the incarcerated persons are now able to transfer and deposit money to the trust or commissary account of the inmate. JPay makes it practical by offering electronic means of payment and deposit, either by debit or credit card through JPay website, mobile app, or phone. You may send it through MoneyGram at its agents throughout United States such as Walmart then the money will be processed by JPay on behalf on the agencies.

  • Remote communications

Communicating with inmate is no longer a challenging thing to do, even from far away. JPay website offers services where you are able to send email, instant message, video visitation, and even a tablet manufactured by the company.

  • Payments for probation and parole

There are also payment services you can choose for court order and community correction. The company has launched ‘JPay Progress Card’ as part of the probationary and parole services. It’s a MasterCard with reloadable and prepaid systems. The card utilizes the whole array of services from JPay unlike the services from contracted agencies.

  • Charity and donations

As a part of Creative Corrections Education Foundation supporters, JPay joins this nonprofit Texas-origin organization to gather contributions from corporate sponsors and inmates to collect and grant scholarship for inmates’ children through website for JPay. The program was reported to gain $63,000 for only two years in 2014.

JPay Website

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Contacting Customer Service through JPay Website

It has been JPay’s commitment to assist inmates’ family members and friends to stay connected to them through various service. You’re also able to count the company to provide reliable and quick customer helps.

In the corrections related industry, JPay has already made its name to be renowned, reputable, and trusted. Through JPay website, you’d be provided with secure, fast, handy, and advanced services without having to break your bank account, and it includes services for probation, parole, and post-release period.

The customer service of JPay has been its pride as well since as long as 2001. You may experience the dedicated and professional helps by visiting JPay website anytime and anywhere. Simply visit the official site of JPay and choose the service you’d like to get at

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Besides using JPay website to contact the CS support, it’s also possible to reach them via phone call for 24/7 at (800) 574-JPAY (5729). Another option is to send and address a letter to JPay LLC, 10981 Marks Way, Miramar, FL 33025, or email the team at