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As a huge and internationally reckoned company, there are ways to make Bank of America mortgage payment. Especially for those who doesn’t understand how to make mortgage payments with Bank of America corporation yet, the steps will be described in a few.

In order to fulfill mortgage loan without facing any issues, making mortgage payments in time is a must. That way, customers or homebuyers can avoid having to deal with more problems. Bank of America itself lets customers pay their mortgage payment online through several ways provided.

First possible way is through an eligible Bank of America online account. Second is through PayPlan service, and last but not least is MortgagePay.

Kinds of Accounts to Make Bank of America Mortgage Payment

When planning to make Bank of America mortgage payment through an online account, simply create an online banking account. When enrolling for Bank of America online banking account, there are several steps that need to be done.

Bank of America Mortgage Payment

It basically requires service enrollment. It will also need customers to download Bank of America mobile app, and then accept conditions and terms. When an online banking account is created, use Transfers or Bill Pay tab to make mortgage payment without additional charge.

Those tools can be used to arrange a one-time payment or automatic recurring payments.

Steps of Making a Bank of America Mortgage Payment Account

Bank of America mortgage payment that is done through PayPlan will allow customers to initiate automatic payments through savings or checking account. The steps that have to be done to enroll for a PayPlan account will be described below:

  1. Select appropriate date of draft.
  2. State any additional amount a client would like posted and debited toward extra principal for all draft.
  3. Write routing and account number from where Bank of America mortgage payments have to be drafted.
  4. State type of account.
  5. Tick the Accept box and date and sign on applicable line in the provided Authorizations box (only sign in the signature box).
  6. Staple a voided savings or checks deposit slip on the left.

Making Bank of America mortgage payment through PayPlan service will mean there are 4 potential services available. It will be based on how frequently a customer would like the payment drafted from the account.

Customers may call 800-669-6607 for more information regarding PayPlan account. Be aware that this account is especially not available for VA and FHA loan types.

Meanwhile, MortgagePay is another alternative to make Bank of America mortgage payment easier. It is web-based and an online option specifically for one-time only mortgage payments. Steps to create a MortgagePay account will be listed down below:

  • Enroll for Online Banking account if not yet done. If already enrolled, simply sign in to Online Banking.
  • On Accounts Overview page, pick Mortgage option.
  • Then, on Account Details page, choose Pay Now and just follow their instructions.

For additional assistance regarding online payments, customers may dial Online Banking customer support at 800-933-6262. Meanwhile for electronic payment options, the company offers customers minimum cost options and an additional costless option to make Bank of America mortgage payment.