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JPay facility login is essential to do if you want to use the service. JPay is a well-known company known for their service in connecting people with their inmate relatives, friends, or even the significant ones. To use their service, you will be required to log in to their system.

How to Do JPay Facility Login and Where You Can Access It

It is very easy to access JPay facility login as long as you have a decent internet connection and a PC. Accessing their site doesn’t even require you any penny.

Some of you may wonder, do you really have to do JPay facility login to access their services? If you want a ‘trespasser’ trying to get some insight what JPay is, you don’t have to log in. Their services are explained pretty well without needing one to create an account and proceed to log in – since you can see the explanations directly through their homepage site links directing you to the relevant page.

However, if you really need their service and want to get further information regarding their service product, then you really have to create an account first. If you have already had an account there, then you’ll need to do JPay facility login. The steps aren’t that different with the similar login to any social media.

JPay Facility Login

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How to Login into JPay Services

Below is how to do JPay facility login. You can use any devices to log in. As long as there’s access to the internet, then you are good to go.

  1. First, you will need to visit JPay Inc. website in
  2. Simply find the link leading you to JPay facility login. The link is set to be linked to the Login green button. So, once you place a single-click, you will be redirected to their facility login page.
  3. After you find the page, then you will need to fill in two columns, which are designed to be filled with email and password. Of course, you will need to input the email and password you set for JPay account.
  4. Enter your information precisely. Feel free to refill the columns if you are unsure that the characters you’ve placed are right.
  5. If you forget your password, simply hit the link ‘Forgot password’. Once you click this link, the system will ask you several things. Answer them right to proceed with resetting your password.
  6. Once you are sure about that then simply click the Login button. You’ll be redirected to their JPay user’s page. There, you can get the benefit of JPay facility login, as you can access the information you need regarding JPay services. After logging in, ‘buying’ their services will be doable.

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Once you log in to their system, you will be able to connect with your incarcerated loved one. Remember, as previously mentioned, to do JPay facility login, you can do it through several platforms. You can choose either to log in from your PC, or through mobile apps or browsers.