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To use the JPay services, people have to buy stamps, and you will find this JPay buy stamps tutorial useful. Without purchasing the JPay stamps, it’s less likely that you will be able to send messages to your incarcerated relatives or friends. Therefore, buying the JPay stamps is a must.

JPay Buy Stamps Definition and Usage

Unlike other conventional emailing systems, people have to purchase a stamp first in the JPay buy stamps page before sending an email. But why do people have to buy it?

Just like sending letters through the post offices, you should buy a postage stamp to get your messages delivered to the recipient. It also applies when using the email service offered by JPay. The JPay stamp works the same as the conventional postage stamp.

Anyone who has JPay accounts and has purchased a stamp on JPay buy stamps page is allowed to send an email along with some attachments such as pictures to the recipient on the detention center through the JPay service.

However, there is a limitation of sending an email. By using one stamp, the sender can only send an email in 6000 characters. If the sender wants to include some attachments, they should buy one additional stamp.

JPay Buy Stamps

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JPay Buy Stamps Purchasing Tutorial

Besides purchasing the stamps, there are still a number of ways to attain it. Here is the JPay buy stamps tutorial to help you saving money for a rainy day.

1. Free Stamps

How much does the JPay stamp cost? One stamp usually costs around $0.4 up to $0.5, which is highly affordable. However, there is typically a discount for those who purchase 20 to 50 blocks of stamps.

Besides getting stamps by purchasing it, this JPay buy stamps tutorial is undoubtedly something that everyone will love—get stamps for free. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff? Those who have JPay accounts will receive free stamps for each month since it’s a part of the JPay’s advertisement strategy.

Also, JPay will occasionally organize competitions where the participants who win the contests will get free stamps for the prize. Therefore, make sure to keep updated with any promotional events offered by JPay service.

2. Delivering Stamps

This JPay buy stamps tutorial is specifically aimed at the detainees. It’s because they don’t have to buy a stamp on their own if their relatives or friends send them an additional JPay stamp along with the email they are delivering.

Then, how to send JPay stamps? As the detainees’ family or friends, you surely don’t want to make their lives miserable just because they can’t afford to buy stamps. JPay offers a stamp where it can be purchased for a prepaid response.

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Those are the JPay buy stamps tutorials. By using JPay stamps, everyone is able to keep in touch with incarcerated relatives or friends. Although you need to purchase additional stamps while sending an email, you only need to pay a little for something highly valuable for your family and friends.