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If it is the first time you use JPay, you may not know what JPay facility help is. JPay itself is a service provider to help inmates, and their family or friends keep connected with a bunch of services the JPay has to offer, as elaborated in the following sections.

JPay Facility Help: How to Use the Services

With JPay, it’s not impossible to always stay connected with your incarcerated relatives or friends. If you want to know the detention center your family is residing in, you can use the JPay facility.

However, before you can use all the JPay facility help, including the one that will help you find your family you should have a JPay account. In order to do so, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Visit the JPay official website and locate the “Select State” option to type the name of the state where the incarcerated person resides.
  2. Input the inmate ID in the “Inmate ID” box, select “next” and you will be directed to the Search Results page. Here, you can find the inmate you are looking for.
  3. Go to the registration page, enter the confirmation code, checkbox the Payment Terms of Service, and select “Register”. Also, do not forget the email and password you use to register as you will use them again so that you can use the JPay facility help.

JPay Facility Help

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JPay Facility Help: All Services Offered by JPay

JPay facility help is a convenient medium to help the inmates connect with their families. Not only does it help them to receive fund transfers, but they can do many other things.

One of the best facilities of JPay is that the inmates are able to communicate with their relatives and friends via video chat. It is considered to be a very convenient service since physical visits are often impossible. Therefore, how to use this service? Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. To enjoy the JPay facility help that allows you to video chat with your family, you first need access to the JPay official website.
  2. Locate and select on “Video Visitation” option on the JPay homepage and select the “Schedule New Visit”.
  3. On the “Schedule Visit” page, click on the link of Video Visitation Terms. Once you finished reading the terms, click “continue.”
  4. Decide the video chat duration in the “Choose Time” option and click “Continue.”
  5. Select your preferred payment method by selecting the “Use a New Card” option. Then, add your billing information and click “continue.” Now, the video chat has been added to your schedule. To enjoy this JPay facility help, you should find where your incarcerated family is located. Apart from using the method above, you can simply call the facility or check the online records for public offenders.

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That is all about the JPay facility help. To enjoy all the services provided by JPay, you first need to have an account, and pay the corresponding fee for the services you have chosen. If there are more things you want to know, just simply visit the JPay official website.