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JPay account sign in tutorial below will guide you through the process of registering on the service online. JPay is a company that provides payment services and a wide range of other facilities, specifically for confined individuals such as probationers, parolees, and offenders. It presents as a win-win solution for the inmates and their respective families.

How JPay Company Works

Before you learned about how to go through JPay account sign in process, you might want to know a little bit better of this service providing company, in order to understand what it does.

JPay is a private business that was founded in 2002 as money transfer service for prisoners. It offers quicker and safer alternative for family of incarcerated persons to mail them money. Currently, it operates for more than one and a half inmates across 35 states in USA.

The offered services are sending money and e-mail, sending video visitation, or buying them entertainment such as music and media. It facilitates payments needed by probationers and parolees to supervision agencies, which may include fees for supervision, restitution, testing for drugs, costs for court, etc.

By completing process of JPay account sign in, you’d be listed as authorized sender of the convicted person’s financial list – you cannot make payment if you are not approved. After going through signing in process, you’re able to use their services conveniently and safely.

JPay Account Sign In

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How to Sign In to JPay Account

By conducting JPay account sign in process correctly, you have chance to communicate with a prisoned person. The process of entering you account page is actually very easy to do.

Obviously, you need to have an account first before even trying JPay account sign in. If you’ve already had yours, proceed by following the steps in the following:

  1. To login to JPay account, open its official website of JPay at
  2. Click the login button with green color that’s located at the upper right of the site page.
  3. Input your e-mail address.
  4. Type in your JPay account password.
  5. Continue by clicking ‘Login’ button.
  6. Select the service type that you want to obtain.
  7. Purchase JPay stamp depending on your chosen service and complete the online payment. You are also allowed to write messages to be delivered to the inmate by purchasing JPay stamp.

In case you are not able to complete JPay account sign in process due to forgetting password, do these steps below:

  1. Select menu of “Forgot Password”.
  2. Input your e-mail address and proceed by clicking “Continue”. You’d be required to do identity verification and then reset your old password.
  3. Now create a new account at JPay site then use this for signing in to JPay account in the future.

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While it’s true that the company only serve offenders and prisoned individuals in correctional facility in USA, the whole services are available for overseas customers as well – as long as they own and complete JPay account sign in procedure. If you have any question, feel free to visit JPay official page or contact customer service.