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JPay release cards are one of the features provided JPay, a well-known name in relation to correctional centers/facilities. The card is issued by the Miami-based company to access money as financial supports for the inmates. As the name implies, it is given after the inmates are qualified for parole or have completed their sentence.

What is a Release Card by JPay?

The act of returning pre-paid funds own by former inmates through debit cards has been increasing lately. JPay release cards are one of the companies that offer this type of service.

As a private vendor, JPay has been providing these cards in different correctional centers across USA. The purpose of JPay release cards for inmates is extending into job programs. The card works similarly to debit card and it contains the unused money given to them by their family during serving time. It also contains the earned money by convicted persons when they have opportunity to do labor work in facility such as cleaning or sorting books.

JPay Release Cards

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How to Use the Card and Its Benefits?

JPay progress card can be used to purchase products and service. As it’s a pre-paid debit MasterCard, it is accepted at anywhere that approves MasterCard uses including cash-back places and ATMs.

All the prison benefits and wage have to be deposited into their prison account first then it may be transferred only after they are released. The fact that JPay release cards are parts of MasterCard offers freedom, convenience, and protection of the brand, allowing you to create transactions at numerous locations across the world. It also brings the practicality of swipe transactions automatically. However, in order to take extra benefits, the card must be activated by registering to the official website of Simply click green box that says ‘Activate Your Card’ there and you are good to go.

Here are the extra benefits of activating release cards from JPay:

  • Withdrawing money from ATM
  • Refilling money on the account
  • Updating PIN codes
  • Viewing and managing information of the account
  • Setting up auto-payments

It must be noted that in order to registering the JPay release cards and gain its full advantages, you have to follow the regulation of USA government and JPay as the issuing party which require you as customer to submit personal information such as full name, date of birth, address, contact details, and identification form. Most released cards don’t have minimum load, but there’s usually a maximum load value on each card account.

As beneficial as the card is, it does have several restrictions. JPay release cards cannot be used to receive benefits from government such as Social Security. It cannot be used as means of getting paid, so you still have to use direct deposit or paper checks.

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That being said, JPay release cards are eligible payment method. Keep in mind that there are some differences compared to debit cards, such as high charging fee because it’s entirely unregulated. The inmates’ family may be required to pay high maintenance and transaction fees compared the service cost.