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Mortgage loan problem is a serious and complicated one, especially if you are busy with all of your life affairs. With so many different types and uses of mortgage loans, you will be hard to follow up on it.

To overcome this, it will then be required a credible and reliable recording system. Well, Bank of America Mortgage Company has thought of a solution regarding those problems by introducing a service called Bank of America Mortgage Status.

This is the system that records all your mortgage loan business, starting from payment, deadline, home equity, refinance, etc. This system requires you to have an account.

How to Check Your Bank of America Mortgage Status?

For information, if you want to use Bank of America Mortgage Status, you can go directly to From there, you can choose either to check the loan status or check the legibility and completeness of your documents.

After that, you will be directed by instruction manual available on the web. If you are still confused about the instructions, the company also provides contact service when you get difficulty. In addition, there are also Frequently Asked Questions for details information.

Bank of America Mortgage Status

In addition, Bank of America Mortgage Status is very useful to make sure you are not late in paying mortgage loan. In addition, it also contains various recording payments and your total repayments, so you don’t need to do the math yourself.

Another feature that’s not less interesting is the document checker. By using this tool, you do not have to bother to go back and forth to Bank of America just to check the completeness of documents as you can directly check it at home.

It is simple, easy, and quick feature. In addition, you can also upload the file if there are some documents that are not yet complete.

Furthermore, to access Bank of America Mortgage Status service, you must have an account first. If you still do not have the account, you can register yourself at

There are many benefits by registering an account at this company, especially if you are a loyal customer who has been around for more than three years. You will get various discounts and benefits to ease your mortgage payment.

Many customers appreciate the existence of Bank of America Mortgage Status tools. They argue that this feature facilitates in doing mortgage business.

Many reviews also argue that such feature works well only in Bank of America, whereas in other mortgage companies the development is less progressive, even tends to distress the user.

Of course, the company is concerned with the convenience of users. It makes sure that there is no gap among its clients. With Bank of America Mortgage Status tools, it can easily connect with the clients and hear all their complaints or suggestions.

If you have any questions regarding Bank of America Mortgage Status tools, just go directly to or There is also a hotline at 800-669-6607 on Monday to Friday during business hours.