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Those who have incarcerated families or friends might be already familiar with the JPay homepage. However, it could be a whole different story for those who never use JPay. It’s a service provider that facilitates people to keep in touch with their relatives or friends who happen to be in a detention center.

What’s on JPay Homepage?

JPay homepage comes in a white background with a simple user interface. This way, those who never use this app will find it easy to navigate each feature this app has to offer.

If you open the official JPay website on desktop, you will find the sign-up option in dark blue background on the left side of the page. This helps those who want to make a JPay account so that they can stay connected with their families who happen to be an inmate.

As for those who already have an account, the login option is located on the upper right side of the JPay homepage. Next to the log in button are inmate and prison search options as well as the help button. You can use the inmate search to look for your incarcerated friends or relatives. If you want to locate their prison, you can use the prison search option.

Should there be any difficulties related to the homepage of JPay, you can make use of the help option to get the way out. You simply need to click the button when you are in such a situation.

JPay Homepage

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Services on JPay Homepage

JPay is one of the favorite service providers among the inmates. As displayed on the JPay homepage, there are four services in total that can be used by the incarcerated individuals.

  1. Money transfer

If you wish to transfer funds for your incarcerated families via JPay, it can be ensured that the inmate will receive the funds in a quick and secure way just by using your computer.

  1. E-mail

You will find this service on the JPay homepage to help you stay in touch with your families in the detention center. This service is widely known as the fastest service for the inmates.

  1. Education

This service is specifically provided by JPay as a part of their mission in educating and rehabilitating those who stay in the confinement for a considerable amount of time. It consists of e-books, KA Lite, educational games, and tech-driven education program. The good thing about this service is that it’s a free service.

  1. Video visitation

Those who have incarcerated families are highly likely to realize that physical visits can sometimes be challenging. With this service on the JPay homepage, you can have a face-to-face conversation with your relatives or friends in the facility.

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JPay also offers a forum and community service if you want to get connected with other families of the detainees. You can share information about the inmates in this forum and community service. This menu is available in the social option located in the bottom part of the JPay homepage.