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If you have given online access to MyADP by your employer, but don’t know yet how to access it, then this MyADP login might be able to help you. There are plenty of provided features you can find and use according to the area that you need in this side, from payroll information to work benefits.

If this is the first time that you attempt to log into the portal site, then you need registration code. The only one that can provide the registration code for you is your employer.

The portal site is reserved for the ADP clients only. So, you may request for the self-service system registration code from the HR or the payroll department of your company. Only then you are able to register in the ADP official portal site.

ADP itself is a global company that provides internet-based solutions for human capital management (HCM). It combines human resources, talent findings, outsourcing and analytic services, as well as managements of tax, work benefits, and time in one place.

To read about MyADP login process, you may simply keep scrolling down and read about the guide in one of the sections within this article.

What is MyADP?

Automatic Data Processing (ADP) is an American based company that provides software and services, primarily of human resources management. The company was established by Henry Taub in 1949 and the head office is located in Roseland, NJ, USA.

As recently, the ADP Company operates with more than 36 million of employees globally and serves more than 860,000 companies in various scales in more than 140 countries.

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MyADP Benefits

  • Manage convenient and quick management of payroll and tax to save time, money, and energy.
  • Track your working hours and your attendance, and submit requests for time-off.
  • Get information about employee benefits such as health plans and life insurances.
  • Manage company’s talents from the start of recruitment to the process of retirement.
  • Obtain consultation related to HR management and advices.
  • Get benefits of outsourcing HR and payroll tasks to focus on other departments in the company.
  • Integrate various ADP solutions such as HR systems, software, and ERPs in quick connection.
  • Browse the online marketplace of ADP for HR apps, potential developers, partners, and clients.

After you have read the list of benefits available on the MyADP portal site above, you may proceed into the steps on login procedure. However, first, read about what you will need in order to access the site below.

MyADP Login Requirements

  • Official MyADP login portal site address.
  • Registered account with user ID and password.
  • Web browser.
  • Internet-connected desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

My ADP Portal Register

Here are the easy steps you must take in order to register into the MyADP portal site:

  • Visit the official MyADP login portal site address at ADP Portal Register
  • Select the menu ‘Register Now’ by clicking or pressing on it.My ADP Portal Register 2
  • Prepare your registration code and select the menu ‘I Have A Registration Code’ by clicking or pressing on it.My ADP Portal Register 3
  • Input your registration code in the provided field.
  • Verify your identity.
  • Wait until you receive user ID and password for the account.
  • Choose and answer the security questions from the available options.
  • Input your contact details as required.
  • Input your MyADP activation code.
  • Double check all the information inputted.
  • You have registered as a user in the MyADP portal site.

MyADP Login

Here are the easy steps you must take in order to log into the MyADP portal site:

  • Visit the official MyADP login portal site address at Login
  • Input your user ID and password by typing them in.
  • Select the menu ‘Login’ to proceed into the logging in process.

MyADP Forgot Password

Here are the easy steps you must take in order to recover your account’s password in the MyADP portal site:

  • Visit the official MyADP login portal site address at Forgot Password
  • Select ‘Forgot Your ID/Password?’ by clicking or pressing on the menu.MyADP Forgot Password 2
  • Input your first and last name and then check the box of email.
  • Select the menu ‘Next’ and follow the rest of provided steps to recover your password.

MyADP Login Help

  • MyADP customer support contact: 1-844-227-5237
  • MyADP salesperson contact: 866-994-0132
  • Official website:

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Final Words

You have read and learned the MyADP login steps by now. In case you encounter troubles or difficulties when trying to navigate the site, you may contact the provided contact numbers above.