TCS Employee Benefits & Perks, Reviews, and Contact Information

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The information about TCS employee benefits is certainly needed if you are working at TCS (Tata Consultancy Services).

On this article, you will find out all benefits you get when you are the employee of this company. The explanations include the differences of each benefit package, and there will be brief information about discounts and other perks as well.

Well, everything that you have got to understand about TCS employee benefits will be written below, including the list of things you can earn from the company besides your monthly salary.

TCS Employee Benefits

TCS Employee Benefits

  • Contractual advantages.
  • Satisfying paying rate (depending on the allowance and performance of each individual).
  • Paid holiday and paid leave.
  • Paternity leave for new fathers.
  • Shift Allowance and Paid Overtime, based on working hours and coverage for night shifts as well.
  • Allowance for family tax if the employee has children.
  • Travel cost reimbursement for company trips and everyone in the company who has to make business trip outside Budapest.
  • Tax allowance for first marriage.
  • Training of all sorts for better skill, like soft skill training and web-based training.
  • Professional development training, such as leadership training and workshops.
  • Twice a year language courses to enhance the communication skill.
  • Opportunity to join leadership courses and training.
  • Bank Account Enrollment by the company.
  • Subscription of mobile phone with discounts.
  • In-house consultation hours.
  • When coming to Swiss Clinic on their specialist Medical Centers, employee gets 10% discounts.
  • When coming to WECO TRAVEL, employee gets 10% discounts.
  • Joining Stress Management Consultation with a psychologist for free.
  • A sport pass card that can be used in more than 600 facilities in Hungary.
  • Relax room and gym at the office.
  • Protective eyeglass available while working and reimbursement for purchasing one.
  • Appreciation award for employees including the Star of the Month Award, Star of the Year Award, etc.
  • Volunteering programs available.
  • TCL’s buddy program to suggest someone else to TCS Hungary.

TCS Employee Benefits and Perks

  • Employee Leaves. As one of the best TCS employee benefits, the employees get the paid leaves. The leaves available for the company are 7 casual leaves, sick leaves for 10 days; flexi leaves for 2 days, and 16 days of earned leave that they get every year. Woman employees also get maternity leave for a whole three months.
  • Job Security
  • Insurance. The TCS employee benefits provide insurance as well. They are including the reimbursement of medical bill of each company. The amount of coverage is starting from 0 to 6,000 RS. The employees also get hospitalization, and it is worth about 2,000 Rupees.
  • Corporate Discounts. TCS employee benefits are also in the form of employee discounts. They are including discounts on Starbuck coffee, some hotels, discounted medicines from pharmacist, flight tickets, electronic items, restaurant discounts, air conditioner discounts and more.

TCS Employee Benefits and Perks

TCS Customer Care

Of course, when you want to find out about TCS employee benefits, you need to collect customer care contact numbers. By doing this, connect to your own company will be no problem at all. This is the numbers and addresses you should be able to call on.


So, this is the end of the explanations about what benefits you get when working at the company. TCS has provided you with a lot of advantages and perks, including the facts that you should be able to get the paid leave and insurance. This is the reason why a lot of people try to get a job in this company and gain all those TCS employee benefits.