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If you are an employee of BurrBaxter Print Ltd and still confused about logging in to your account, you are in a good place. In this article, you will find out how to do BBdatasafe login as well as some related details about the company itself.

Let’s first talk about what things are required to perform BBdatasafe login. Included in this article, there are login step-by-step procedure and a short explanation about what to do if you forgot your password.

The important things when you try to login are your password and username.

Then, you need the gadget or device, a nicely-working internet browser, and of course a reliable internet connection.

If you already own all mentioned things, then you may proceed to login to your account.

About BurrBaxter Print Ltd.

BurrBaxter Print Ltd is a company which focuses on providing printing services with relatively lower price. It helps you to provide adhesive print in any types of formats and requirements. Some of the specialties include the payslips, adhesive labels, NHS specialist paper, and also the dispatch notes. Ordering electronic payslip from the company can also be done. Hence, the employees can access their payslips from trusted servers.

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BurrBaxter Specialties

  • Pressure seal paper
  • Label printing
  • Logistic print
  • Pressure Seal Maintenance
  • Pressure Seal Machines
  • Dispatch notes
  • E-Payslips

As you have known in which business section does BurrBaxter focus on, now let’s move on to the discussion of how to perform BBdatasafe login through the official website at However, before getting to a deeper understanding of the login procedure, here are what you need to login to your account.

BBdatasafe Login Requirements

Before doing BBdatasafe Login, you need to prepare:

  • A gadget – either it is a desktop PC or a mobile phone that’s already connected to the internet.
  • An internet browser.
  • The official website to access the BBdatasafe login.
  • BBdatasafe Employer ID, NI number, and BBdatasafe password.

BBdatasafe Login

The procedure to do BBdatasafe Login is as follows:

  • Go to the official site at Login
  • Continue by entering your Company and Employee ID, and password in the textbox provided.
  • Click “Log on” afterwards.

BBdatasafe Forgot Password

In case you don’t remember your password when trying to do BBdatasafe login, just simply do this procedure:

  • Launch your browser and access BBdatasafe Login page at Forgot Password
  • Then, find a link written as “Click here”.BBdatasafe Forgot Password 2
  • After you got redirected to a new page, simply key in Company ID, NI Number, as well as your employee ID.
  • Next, click on “Submit” button to finalize the password resetting processes, and then keep following the instruction to reset your password.

BBdatasafe Login Help Desk

If you feel stuck while trying to perform BBdatasafe login, the help desk will always be ready to help you:

BurrBaxter Print Ltd

  • Print House, Unit 3 and 4 Brookfield Business Park, Brookfield Road, Cheadle, Chesire, SK8 2PN
  • Telephone: 0161-495-3670
  • Facsimile: 0161-495-3679

Official website:

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Final Words

Well, that’s the detail and information about BBdatasafe login that you can access at If you feel something is disturbing you during the login process, simply get some helps from the help desk.