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Cisco System is a global company from America that operates in technology industry such as producing, developing, and selling software, hardware, and telecommunications tool. It is based in Silicon Valley, California. Just like nearly all companies in the world, Cisco also offers Cisco employee benefits.

Currently, Cisco employs more than 75,000 skilled professional in the field of specific technology markets, including domain security, Internet of Things, energy management, and many more.

Cisco Employee Benefits

The employee benefits are provided to enhance the financial wellness and well-being of the employees. They are divided into several available packages.

The benefits range from compensation to discount. By providing these benefits, the company also promotes employees’ commitment along with interests and priority outside of job at Cisco System.

Cisco Employee Benefits and Perks

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Cisco Employee Benefits

Cisco is a company that commits to the growth of employee by providing rewards and investing in the employees’ financial wellness and well-being.

There is an extensive range of benefits available as the part of company’s commitment that revolves around the various live aspects of their employees.

Cisco Benefits Career

The well-beings of employees that are being concerned include physical, social, and mental health. Along with financial wellness, ensuring these aspects can result in increasing productiveness and happiness of the Cisco’s employees.

Here is the breakdown of Cisco employee benefits according to their category.

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Cisco Health and Wellness

Below are four types of Cisco employee benefits in the area of employees’ health and wellbeing. Note that the benefits may vary depending on your assigned office location.

  • Comprehensive health benefits: Life insurance, health insurance, and disability coverage.
  • Health experts’ consultation: Access for medical consultation with the best physicians that provides independent advices and second opinion for the employees and family members.
  • Onsite medical clinics and fitness center: Available health assistance and consultation with doctors and fitness facility to support physical and exercise activities.
  • Maternity and paternity benefits: Offered supports from the company for the maternity and paternity, as well as adoption processes.

Cisco Employee Benefits 2

Cisco Employee Rewards and Financial Benefits

To build engaged and healthy team, it is important to ensure their financial security. The Cisco employee benefits compensation programs below are intended to offer financial benefits and rewards.

  • Competitive compensation and benefits plan: Rewards for innovative, collaborative, and high performances employees.
  • Yearly bonus: Rewards for employees based on performance rather than seniority level.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP): 24-month period of offering to purchase stock below normal market value.
  • Tuition assistance: Reimbursement for education tuition at accredited educational institution, including books and lab fees.

Cisco Employee Rewards and Financial Benefits

Cisco Personal Development

Personal development benefits both the employee as individual and the company as the employing organization.

That’s why the Cisco provides personal development benefits package as opportunity to develop yourself and build your career further.

  • Job swap: Exchange 100% of your jobs with another employee from different departments within Cisco System on permanent or temporary basis.
  • Time swap: Exchange 20% of your jobs with another employee within Cisco System to experience and learn new and different responsibilities.
  • Team assignment: Collaborate with other employees to resolve challenges and raise your point of strengths.
  • Stretch assignment: Enhance your capabilities and skills by trying different projects under different business groups.

Cisco Personal Development

Other Cisco Perks for Employees

There are also other available Cisco employee benefits. Additional benefits and creative perks can feel especially rewarding. Here are the provided perks for the employee of Cisco Company:

  • Special discount programs for the employees.
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).
  • Birthday leave benefit.
  • 24/7 available Cisco EthicsLine.
  • Flexible work arrangements.
  • Abundant paid leaves.

Cisco Benefits

  • Connected recognition: A program that accommodates peer-to-peer recognition, where you can nominate anyone that contributes values to receive monetary award.
  • Time2Give: Volunteer program that aims to give to the community back anyway and anytime you want. Paid leave up to 5 days annually.
  • Fun fund: Have fun with your team together by using provided budget every quarter on fun activities or celebrations.

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Employee benefits are provided as extra compensation outside of your regular wages or salary, as a form of appreciation and recognition from the company.

You may use the Cisco employee benefits to see what perks you are entitled of as the employee of Cisco Company, or if you are interested in applying job there.