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LMPeople Login – Lockheed Martin Corporation employees can use the LMPeople Login to access various features in regards to their employee accounts. The employees that use this portal will be able to check their work schedule, download their tax documents, apply for some time off, and other activities that have relations to their job. The amazing thing about this portal is that they will not need to waste a lot of time to manage their work.

Aside from LMPeople Login, Lockheed Martin Corporation also has many other portals that offer other usages. For instance, the employees can use portals for email login, checking health benefits of their insurances, LMPassage, and other types of purposes.

So if you’re looking for ways to log in to the portal of LMPeople Login at www.lmpeople.com, then you can just go right away to the website. Any employee of Lockheed Martin Corporation will receive a username as well as an accompanying password. Those details will be used in the procedure of logging in. The employees will also receive SecurID and Smart Badge.

About Lockheed Martin (LM)

About Lockheed Martin (LM)

Lockheed Martin is one of the biggest technology and defense companies in America. They provide arms, security and defense, aerospace technologies, and other advanced technologies to other companies worldwide. Established on March 15, 1995, the company has its main office in North Bethesda, Maryland, in the greater area of Washington DC. Currently, there are around 110,000 employees working for Lockheed Martin and all of their locations worldwide.

LMPeople Login Benefits

  • The ability to manage profiles for each employee.
  • Employees can check for changes in their shifts.
  • Employees can apply to change their shifts.
  • Employees can apply for PTO time.
  • An employer can monitor any progress on a project.
  • The ability to check for PTO application status.
  • The ability to check the history of PTO applications.
  • Employees can submit work reports both daily and weekly.
  • The users can add new projects or manage ongoing ones.

LMPeople Login Requirements

Each employee of Lockheed Martin can use the LMPeople Login given that they have these details:

  • Personal username (enterprise unclassified forest NTID).
  • Password for their LMPeople Account.
  • The official URL for the portal at www.lmpeople.com

If the employee wants to use SecurID for the login process, they will need:

  • User ID
  • Token code of the RSA. (Token code will be given by the SecurID portal).
  • A secret PIN.
  • The official URL for the portal at www.lmpeople.com

For the employees who want to use Lockheed Martin smart badge login, the required details are:

  • Certificate for DigiCert Global CA G2.
  • A token from the Smart Badge.
  • The official URL for the portal at www.lmpeople.com

LMPeople Login Procedure Using Username and Password

  • The first thing that a Lockheed Martin employee needs to do is to go to the official LMPeople Login URL at www.lmpeople.com.LMPeople Login Procedure Using Username and Password
  • On the main page, they will need to choose their preferred login method.
  • If an employee chooses the LMPeople Login method, then they will be redirected to the Lockheed Martin Sign-On page.LMPeople Login Procedure Using Username and Password 2
  • The employee will have to submit their username in the input field.
  • They will also need to enter the correct password.
  • If the personal details are correct, then they can click on the “Sign On” button, and the website will give them access to their accounts.

LMPeople Login Using SecurID

If an employee chooses to log in using the SecurID portal, and the steps that will need to follow through are:

  • Visit the official URL of LMPeople Login at www.lmpeople.com.LMPeople Login Using SecurID
  • On the main page, select the SecurID login method.
  • The website will process the request for a while. After that, it will show the SecurID login page.LMPeople Login Using SecurID 2
  • Enter the username in the correct field.
  • Request for an RSA token code, and then enter it after receiving the code.
  • If the details are all filled out, click on the “Sign On” button, and the account will be able to be accessed.

LMPeople Login Using Smart Badge

For the employees who choose to use the smart badge to access their account on the LMPeople Login portal, then they will need to:

  • Update the Internet browser to the latest version. Older versions of Internet browsers might not be able to support TLS 1.2. This feature is required to connect to your account on LMPeople Login.
  • Continue by connecting the smartcard reader to your PC.
  • Insert your Smart Badge into the card reader. You can also use hardware access tokens for this process.
  • And then visit the web address of access.lockheedmartin.com.

If you can open the webpage of access.lockheedmartin.com, then you will be able to access your account on the LMPeople Login portal.

Lockheed Martin Contact Information

  • Lockheed Martin Employee Service Center Number: 866-562-2363 or 1-800-435-7063.
  • Overseas employee contact number: 201-242-4397.
  • Employee verification number: 1-800-367-5690.
  • Aeronautics contact number: 1-877-214-5230.
  • Enterprise Operations Contact Number: 1-866-444-8323 (including International).
  • Missiles and Fire Control Contact Number: 1-407-356-2501.
  • Space Department Contact Number: 1-866-455-4772.

LMSecurity Operations Center

  • LMSecurity Phone Number: (407)306-7311
  • LMSecurity Toll-Free Number: (866) 330-7311
  • Fax: (720)479-2750

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The objective of this short article is to explore the usage of LMPeople Login at www.lmpeople.com. If you need to use that website to access your employee account, we hope we can help you with the explanation in this article.