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Faze Sway controller settings are sought literally by everyone who plays Fortnite. This popular game is hard to play when you do not know anything about it, including the controller settings. Therefore, copying them from pro player like Faze Sway is completely okay. Here is more information about the settings.

Why Controller Setting Matters?

One of the best Faze Sway controller tips is to understand the importance of the controller itself. Why are these controllers so important? Find out the answer for it below.

1. Determine the Controller Sensitivity

Faze Sway controller settings are usually for the same one as his, which is the PlayStation Dual Shock 4 Wireless controller. This one is well-known for the sensitivity. Indeed, the right setting can really determine the sensitivity of the controller, and help you managing the game easily all the time.

2. Linking between Player and Game

The only thing linking the player and the game is the controller. Without one, you will have nothing to do with the game. That’s why everyone needs to understand the Faze Sway controller settings. It will give them the right setting from a pro player to the controller.

3. Determining the Game Play

You may find it annoying to play the game and have no control to it. Therefore, the Faze Sway controller settings are essentials. They give the right setting to the controller, making sure the gameplay is smooth, and you can conquer Fortnite tasks easily.

Faze Sway Controller Settings

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Faze Swan’s Controller Setting

There are several things you need to know in Faze Sway Fornite controller. They have to be set to the right way to make sure the game can be run smoothly.

1. X Sensitivity

The X and Y parts of the controllers are the most important ones. You need to set them right. For the X part, input 0.720 for the setting.

2. Y Sensitivity

In addition, to copy Faze Sway controller settings on the Y part, you need to insert 0.720 on the setting. That is what the pro player does to its Y setting.

3. Targeting Sensitivity

Targeting sensitivity is important to such an intense game like Fortnite. On Faze Sway controller settings, the targeting sensitivity is 0.530.

4. Scope Sensitivity

In addition, Faze Sway controller settings state that the perfect scope sensitivity to bring to the controller is around 0.480.

5. Building Sensitivity

Now, it is time for the building sensitivity. According to Faze Sway controller settings, for this part, you need to insert 1.480.

6. Controller Edit

The controller edit part of the setting should be filled with 0.152. It will make it have the same setting as the Faze Sway controller settings.

Other Pro Fortnite Player’s Controller Setting

If Faze Sway controller settings do not work for your controller, you can try these other options. They are pro player as well, and the controllers might suit your own.

1. KNG Unknown

One of the most famous players of Fortnite in the community is KNG Unknown. To copy his amazing gameplay, surely you need to know his setting. The pro player KNG Unknown uses this particular setting: 0.75 X Sens, 0.6 Y Sens, 0.4 ADS, 1.799 Build, and 1.052 Edit

2. Atlantis Letshe

If you the follower or fans of Atlantis Letshe, the settings of his controller are 0.71 X Sens, 0.7 Y Sens, 0.29 ADS, 2 Build, and 1.761 Edit. Copy them to make sure the controller can run smoothly.

3. Ghost Issa

Ghost Issa is such a prominet pro player on Fornite community. The settings on his controller are including 0.745 X Sens, 0.745 Y Sens, 0.3 ADS, 1.9 Build, and 1.9 Edit. It is the perfect setting for the same controller that Ghost Issa uses.

4. Erouse

For Erouse, the controller settings that he uses are including 0.8 X Sens, 0.8 Y Sens, 0.55 ADS, 1.9 Build, and 1.6 Edit.

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Well, you can definitely play like a pro when you do a lot of e-sport practice on Fortnite, and make sure your controller is set to the right and proper setting. For those who love Faze Sway and his game play, you can copy the Faze Sway controller settings up there to step up your own game.