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Since Fortnite introduced Arena mode, you must know what account level to play Arena Fortnite. It is the section for professional with the real money as the prize. All players have the right to be on this mode as long as they are eligible. You should try to join, but there is notification that indicates your account cannot enter.

The Fortnite Arena Mode

Before finding about what account level to play Arena Fortnite, the first step is you must know this mode. Well, you should understand everything before joining. It is a part of preliminary knowledge to avoid unexpected situation.

Asking what account level to play Arena Fortnite is not enough without knowing the mode itself. In general, this mode is a section to make Fortnite as professional gaming. It has several divisions from the lowest to the highest one. You have to play and participate in the battle. After that, you will gain rewards and points to boost your rank. At the end, the aim is the highest division you can get.

Fortnite Arena Mode has permanent competition for Single to Trios. It is quite different from the regular one, such as Tournaments and Events. All players can enter and join the competition after they are officially on this mode. It gives opportunity to increase the ranks.

The division starts from Open League. It is starting point, so all new players in this mode will play. After gaining more experience and scores, they can move into Division One. The top tier is the Division 10. If you win in this one, there is prize money. You must maintain the score because others will take the offer immediately. It is competition, which means you must stay alert and active.

So, what account level to play Arena Fortnite? The minimum level is 15. It might be simpler and easier for experienced players to reach. Of course, some players must do hard work and play more. The next section will show what you should prepare, so your account can join the Arena mode.

What Account Level to Play Arena Fortnite

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Increasing Level to Participate On Arena Mode

Now, you already know what account level to play Arena Fortnite. The challenge is how you reach the minimum level. Check the career menu, and you will see the level. It indicates where you are now.

Level is important in this game. Players will have more skills after leveling. Moreover, having better level brings more opportunity and points. For new accounts, there are many ways to accomplish Arena Mode Fortnite level. Check the list below for more explanation.

1. Event missions and statistic

After asking about what account level to play Arena Fortnite, you should check the statistics. Participating in the event missions seems to be the right way to get more levels. You must be consistent and find the missions that suit your character. More importantly, your team should be supportive. If you have hard time with the team, try something you can do on your own.

2. Playing games

To gain 15 levels, you have games at least 20. That’s too much for new comers. Of course, Fortnite is not a game that can be finished after few levels. You need to focus and play more. This is what you must do after knowing what account level to play Arena Fortnite.

3. Battle Pass and challenges

After you understand what account level to play Arena Fortnite, the Battle Pass seems to be the good method. You may expect to reach level 15 with six challenges. It is the shortest way. You should try this one if having enough money to participate on Battle Pass. Increasing the level becomes relatively easier and quicker.

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Now, you have the clear explanation about what account level to play Arena Fortnite. Level 15 is the minimum level to participate. This mode has more advantages since developer dedicates it as professional competitions. Players must prepare and increase the account level constantly. The competition and battles are not over because this mode is very strict and competitive.