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You will get new appearance on your character after using Fortnite Galaxy Skin Code Generator. Samsung creates this skin as promotional campaign for their smartphones. When you buy Galaxy S9 and Note 9, it is available automatically and freely. As alternatives, you can get this one from several methods. To know more about it, check the following section.

How to Get Galaxy Skin for Fortnite

Many players ask Fortnite Galaxy Skin Code Generator. Before answering it, the right question is why you need this skin. The game developer uses skins to make characters more attractive and unique. Therefore, you can use the Galaxy skin.

Well, skin is cosmetics that character wears. It does not boost your skill or capability. On the other side, more players like having skin because of the interesting and unique appearance. That’s why they want Fortnite Galaxy Skin Code Generator to get this one.

Fortnite Galaxy Skin Code Generator

1. Buying Samsung smartphones

The easiest way to get this skin is by having Samsung smartphones. It is for promotion. The products that include the skin are Galaxy S9, Note 9, and Tab S4. You just buy one of smartphones from those series. After that, claim Fortnite Galaxy Skin Code in the Fortnite account.

2. Item from Fortnite shop

Most skins in Fortnite are available at the store. Even though the skin is exclusively from Samsung like Fortnite Galaxy Skin, you may find it in that place. Purchasing requires virtual money. Visit the store and check the price.

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3. Battle Pass seasons

If you are avid Fortnite players, entering Battle Pass seems to be the right way to get the skin. The challenge is whether you will get Galaxy skin or not. At least, you try to find the way to obtain such skin on your own.

4. Skin generator

The last resort is Fortnite Galaxy Skin Code Generator. Since the game becomes popular, more people try to get the best skin. Instead of buying or participating directly during the game season, most of them rely in skin generator.

The issue is whether you receive the skin or not. Fortnite Galaxy Skin Code Generator seems to be less convincing. However, you know there is one promising generator. It is that has been the top choice for many players.

Skin Generator from Addskins.Live

The next list provides the steps to utilize Fortnite Galaxy Skin Code Generator. It is not complex things to do. In fact, you only require username. Moreover, the generator also has various skins. While you get the one you want the most, some skins are interesting to try.

  1. Go to
  2. Find the list of skins and look for Galaxy skin.
  3. Select the skin you want.
  4. Enter your username, and make sure it is valid and active.
  5. Select the platform, such as iOS, Windows, PS4, Xbox, and android.
  6. Generate and wait until the process is done.
  7. Login into Fortnite account

From above steps, you can start by finding to get Fortnite Galaxy Skin Code Generator. Others might provide the same features that you should try. In the home page, various skins are available. Try the most popular one before picking the Galaxy Skin. It is for testing purposes.

One thing you should know about Fortnite Galaxy Skin Code Generator is the platform. Most players think the skin is limited only for Android. In fact, you can get it for all platforms. The skin supports Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox, and PS4.

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Well, you already know how to find the right way to get Fortnite Galaxy Skin Code Generator. The task is not difficult and relatively safe. It does not need password because the username is enough. If the generator requires password, you should avoid it immediately.