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MyOLSD is an online portal that’s created to be used by Olentangy Local School District’s students and staffs. To enjoy all the features and benefits of the site, you must do MyOLSD login first.

The school itself is built as spacious as 95 sq. miles. There are several schools in primary and secondary levels under its name.

In the following article, not only you will read and learn about the process of MyOLSD login, but also the process of password recovery. The portal also opens your access to several learning system of OLSD, including:

  • PowerSchool
  • Schoology
  • Brain Pop
  • Discovery Foundation
  • Google Drive

In other words, the site can be seen as one-stop place where the students and staffs are able to various systems to gain information, including the students’ attendance, grades, courses, and many more.

About Olentangy Local School District

About Olentangy Local School District

Olentangy Local School District is a school district that’s located in the south area of Delaware Country. A small portion of it located in Franklin County, Ohio. The school is quite large on its own, but it also experienced rapid growth throughout the years.

Olentangy Local School District provides education for students that come from different municipalities. This includes the Delaware, Westerville, Columbus, Powell, as well as the unincorporated area in Lewis Center.

Aside from those areas, the school district also has students that come from other counties in Delaware and Franklin, such as Berkshire, Genoa, Concord, Liberty, Orange, and Berlin.

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Myolsd Login Requirements

  • Official website address of MyOLSD login.
  • Username ID and password.
  • Connecting device such as desktop PC, laptop, or smartphone.
  • Web browser.

Myolsd Login

Before you are able to access information in the system of OLSD, you need to perform MyOLSD login attempt to your account first. New users must be registered first, which can be done by choosing menu of ‘Sign Up’ and provide all the required information details.

  • MyOLSD login procedure is done on the official portal site address at Login
  • After you’ve opened the portal site, select the navigation button menu that says ‘MyOLSD’.Myolsd Login 2
  • Input your username ID in the first provided field on the right area of your screen.
  • Input your password in the provided field below username ID.
  • Select the menu that says ‘Sign In’.
  • Wait a while before you are directed into your account before you can use all the features.

Myolsd Forgot Password

You wouldn’t be able to complete the process of MyOLSD login without having a password. However, there’s no way to recover it by using the internet alone.

To get your forgotten password back, you need to contact the official authorities of Olentangy Local School District. Simply explain your situation and they will provide help for you.

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Final Words

So, by now, the steps of MyOLSD login are already laid out for you and you only have to use them. Feel free to follow the provided guide if you are one of the students or staffs of OLSD and currently need to access your account.