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If you’re having difficulty of completing Raz-Kids.com student login, then the guide below will probably able to help you out. Raz-Kids is an online interactive and accessible learning portal. It helps kids to get through learning process in a fun way using various devices, by providing hundreds of e-book resources.

What is Raz Kids?

Before you learn how to perform Raz-Kids.com student login correctly, it is better to get know the service first. What exactly are Raz-Kids and how can they help kids to learn?

Raz-Kids is an acknowledged education site that offered extensive resources of learning for kids in different reading levels. There are hundreds of e-books within, all available after the user have performed Raz-Kids.com student login. It provides numerous amounts of e-books, both in desktop and mobile format, in which students are able to practice reading, listening, and speaking while recording themselves – after they have performing student login at Raz-Kids.com.

Besides delivering reading materials, the site allows kids to take relevant e-quiz according to what they have learned as well. E-quiz is a set of questions to examine whether the kids are ready to level up their reading level to the higher extent, with more challenging and lengthier text. The test can be obtained after the children have completed 10 or more e-books, in order to assess their reading comprehension and their ability to the required instruction. There are also different programs with different purpose available within the site. Once the kids are registered, it is possible to pick teacher on their own.

By joining Raz-Kids and performing Raz-Kids.com student login process, the kids will be able to:

  1. Gain access to hundreds of educational e-books.
  2. Practice their reading at any place and during any time.
  3. Get examined digitally by receiving online tasks and progress tracking by teachers.
  4. Receive simple reports whether it’s for individuals, the whole classroom, and even the entire school.

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This award-wining portal has received and achieved so many accomplishments in their focus field. Some of them are including Best Website for Multi-level Reading Resources at Bessie Award Winner at 2015, Best Solution for Students with Special Needs at Codie Award Winner in 2016, Best Website for Multi-level Reading Resources at Eddie Award Winner in 2016, and Educational Apps Finalists at Bett Award in 2016.

Raz-Kids.com Student Login

How to Login to Raz Kids Website?

The process of Raz-Kids.com student login is actually quite easy. You may only perform the login process after joining the website to get full benefits of convenient learning for kids.

To log into the site, you have to completing member registration – or, you might try the 14-days free trials. Below are the steps of Raz-Kids.com student login for you to follow:

  1. The first step of Raz-Kids.com student login is to visit its website at raz-kids.com.
  2. Choose and click on the menu ‘Kids Login’ at the top part of the page.
  3. The next step to login at Raz-Kids.com is to click the menu box containing Teacher’s username.
  4. Find the student’s username and click on it.
  5. Type in your password and it’s done.

Remember that the Raz-Kids.com student login can only be done if you’ve registered into the site. Before registering, you may want to join trial program by choosing ‘Start My Free Trial’ menu. This program offers free samples of interactive e-books.

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Joining learning courses at Raz Kids is definitely an enjoyable, simple, fun, and easy experience. By following the tutorial of Raz-Kids.com student login above, the children have chance to gain lessons based on their current reading level and be guided by competent teachers that’s willing to fully assist and supporting their students.