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If you are a student, a staff, or a parent of students of The Fresno Unified School District then the following guide on how to perform the Atlas FUSD login process at might be useful for you. There is also a list of what you’ll need to complete the login procedure as well as the step-by-step on how to recover the password of your account on this site. In addition, you can also get the contact information of the FUSD.

It is very important to follow the correct steps as explained by the Atlas FUSD login guide below. This is because there’s a chance to encounter counterfeit sites if you aren’t familiar yet with the real portal site, which may cause your personal data to be stolen by unauthorized persons.

What is Atlas FUSD?

Atlas FUSD

The Atlas FUSD portal site is a highly user-friendly website under the Fresno Unified School District. It allows the users to access their accounts by performing login procedure and then enjoy the available services for the students, their parents, and the staff of the school. By accessing their Atlas FUSD accounts, the students can make use of various features, such as utilizing the free Office 365 as one of the perks of being students at this school district.

The Fresno Unified School District itself is located in Fresno, California, USA. It provides formal education that ranges from pre-school to 12th grades. Each year, the school district accepts thousands of enrolling students and it manages around $800 million budget per year. Currently, it sits at the fourth position of the largest Californian school district with more than ten thousand staff.

Now that you’ve read about the Atlas FUSD and the Fresno Unified School District profile, you might move on to the next section that explains the step-by-step process of Atlas FUSD login. However, before that, have a look at the list of required items to perform the login procedure below.

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Atlas FUSD Login Requirements

  • The official portal site address of Atlas FUSD.
  • A registered account with username and password.
  • Web browser.
  • Internet-connecting device (desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone).

Atlas FUSD Login at

After you have prepared all the required items to perform the login process, you may follow the steps below to access your account at the Atlas FUSD portal site:

  • Using your web browser, open the official portal site of Atlas FUSD login at FUSD Login at
  • Enter your login credentials which comprised of the username and password of your account in the available fields.
  • Click the menu that says ‘Login’ to proceed with your login process.

Atlas FUSD Forgot Password

  • Using your web browser, open the official portal site of Atlas FUSD login at FUSD Forgot Password
  • Click the menu that says Forgot your password?.Atlas FUSD Forgot Password at
  • Enter your username or your registered email address in the available field.
  • Click the menu that says ‘Continue’ and then follow the rest of the instructed steps to recover your password.

Atlas FUSD Contact Information

Sometimes, it is possible that you encounter unexpected issue when trying to registering a new account or performing login procedure. When that happens, try to contact the Atlas FUSD technical support team at:

Fremont Unified School District


  • The Fresno Unified School District contact: (559) 457-3500
  • The FUSD hotline to report abuse, waste, or fraud: (559) 325-3200


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The Atlas FUSD login guide above is meant to show you how to access your account securely. If you have follow the steps but still fail to proceed with the login process, try to check if you have spelled your login credentials correctly or contact the FUSD contact as provided in the article.