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Almost every university and college institutions have integrated online program system for its members, such as Webadvisor FCC. This site aims to provide a portal for students and employees, which can be done by signing in using each of their unique ID and password in order to access applications and features within.

Brief Profile of FCC (Fresno City College)

Webadvisor FCC is an online interface system that’s provided for the faculty and students in secured way. By accessing this website, they are able to gain important information related to the college.

FCC itself is an abbreviation for Fresno City College, a comprehensive community of learning that was founded in 1910. It has various instructional and innovative programs to cater to educational necessity of diverse population. To help its students achieve their academic goals, the institution provides a broad variety of helpful services.

Taking a pride at being the first community college across California, FCC offers quality and innovative educational programs as well as academic support services with purposes of enhancing not only the student success, but also the region’s development economically, socially, and socially. Every staff, faculty, and students in FCC are engaging with joining effort to change lives through education for the better.

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There are 120 associate degree programs, 96 certification programs, and over 80 of CTE programs that offered by FCC. Their signature programs are mostly of medical fields, such as Registered Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Health Information Technology, Radiologic Technology, and Respiratory Care.

WebAdvisor FCC

Login Steps into FCC Webadvisor Page

Webadvisor FCC is a program that created to help faculty and students. In order for them to access information inside, they have to perform login process in the site first.

Through Webadvisor FCC, users will be able to acquire database system of the said college – and this includes registration, courses payments, grades and transcripts, status of financial aid, and class schedule. The site is accessible from anywhere as long as there’s connection to internet.

Here are the needed steps to follow if you were going to access Webadvisor FCC:

  1. Visit the official website of Fresno City College using browser.
  2. Select ‘My Portal’ menu. Once it’s opened, scroll the page down to find Student Links, then click Fresno City College Webadvisor
  3. Click ‘Login’ menu that’s placed on the upper right corner of the site.
  4. Type in your username and password. Student’s username to access FCC Webadvisor page is consisted of the 7-digit of their student ID while the default password is consisted of initial of your first name in upper case, initial of your last name in your lower case, and your birthdate in mmddyy format.
  5. After inputting the correct Webadvisor FCC username and password, choose the menu to login as student or staff. Staff’s username and password are identical to their district e-mail account.
  6. Click ‘Login’ button.
  7. In case you do not know or forget your student ID, click the menu of ‘What’s my student ID’ that’s placed on the left part of Webadvisor FCC
  8. From then, you’d be redirected to a page where you are required to enter you College ID or SSN and last name. Hit ‘Submit’ button after you have typed them in.
  9. To change your current Webadvisor FCC password, simply choose ‘Change Password’ menu that’s placed at the right side in the bottom of Webadvisor site.

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It is possible to run through certain issues or problems when you’re trying to log in to the Webadvisor FCC – it may be related to username, or passwords, or other information. In case any of these problems happened, feel free to visit FCC’s Support Center at its official website, or try to reach Student Support Call Center via phone call.