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Coker is one of the colleges located in South Carolina. Just like another college these days, Coker College has facilities to support their student’s study. One of them is Coker WebAdvisor. This facility will help the students to compile all of their academic affairs in one centralized place.

The Function of Coker WebAdvisor

Just like any college’s website, Coker WebAdvisor offers many informative things useful for their students. This college’s WebAdvisor acts as the online management system for their student’s all academic affairs.

Known as one of the best colleges for liberal arts studies, Coker College gives support to their students in many ways possible. One of the tricks is to provide them a management system which is accessible from anywhere and can be accessed easily. Coker WebAdvisor comes as the answer for this – the system is on 24 hours every day. It is even complemented by a help desk service to facilitate students who is having problems while accessing the site.

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As a centralized online academic affairs management system, Coker WebAdvisor website provides all students access to:

  • Class schedules: the system also enables the students to select their preferred classes and registering for it. In case of cancelling it (or often called as dropping/withdrawing), students can do it as well through Coker WebAdvisor.
  • Updating their personal information data, such as home address and phone number.
  • Viewing the grades as well as GPA. This is the important aspect for all students to access the WebAdvisor.
  • Viewing or downloading the unofficial transcript. Let’s say, a student wants to apply for a part-time job that requires him or her to give their transcript. They can easily get it by accessing the Coker WebAdvisor. No need to get it to the registrar and ask the staff to print it – that will take too long time.
  • Requesting for the official transcript.
  • Checking for any chance to get financial aid.
  • Checking the status after study fee payment, and so on.

Coker WebAdvisor

How to Login to the Coker WebAdvisor?

Not everyone can access Coker WebAdvisor on his/her will. There are several aspects people should comply in order to be able to access this pivotal academic system website.

However, that doesn’t mean logging in to the system of Coker Webadvisor facility is difficult. Instead, it is very easy and everyone can do it without any hassle. To begin with, you should own a username and password to log on to your account. The recent rule stated that now students can use their email’s and Blackboard’s username and password to log in. Students can also change their password in the system as well.

Once you have logged in, you will be able to access all of your academic affairs while having your study in Coker. You can see your class schedules, seeing your grades, withdrawing from a class and registering for another one, as well as downloading the unofficial grade script. Indeed, without username and password, you will not be able to access any account.

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So, that is the function of and how to access Coker WebAdvisor. It can be said that the website has a sophisticated yet easy user-interface. Even it is ‘equipped’ with help desk to help you out from difficulties while accessing the site.  For that, you can call (800)9501908 or (843)3838000.