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LCPSGo login procedure is comprised of several required steps, in order to access and use the features of Loudoun County Public Schools official website.

By reading this following article, you’d be able to learn about the guide to do so, in step-by-step and easy to understand format.

The LCPSGo login guide will be very useful if you want to utilize the network but currently do not know how to make entrance to your account.

What is LCPSGo Login?

LCPSGo is an online portal that’s owned by Loudoun County Public Schools. This web has several feature applications and file storage with cloud-based system.

The site itself can be accessed through various types of devices, including computer and smartphone. However, you also need to open its official address through internet browser – preferably Google Chrome for the most optimum browsing experience.

The files that you store on LCPSGo are being reserved on HDrive or OneDrive systems as well. That way, you have them available when you are away from school or home.

The process of accessing your account can be done by only a single procedure of signing in. There is no need of opening different websites or having multiple username ID and passwords to enter.

If you have already understood how this site works, then you are ready to learn how to perform LCPSGo login process. The guide is provided in the next section, along with the list of what you need to prepare in order to connect with the site.

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LCPSGo Login Requirements

  • Official site address of LCPSGo login.
  • Registered user ID and password.
  • Web browser.
  • Internet-connecting device like desktop PC, laptop, and smartphone.

LCPSGo Login

In the following are the provided steps to signing into your account in LCPSGo website:

  • Visit the official site address of LCPSGo login at Login
  • Input your user ID and your password by typing them into the designated field.
  • Select the menu that says ‘Sign In’ by clicking on it and continuing into your account.

LCPSGo Forgot Password

  • Visit the official site address of LCPSGo login at Forgot Password
  • Select the menu that says ‘Help, I forgot my password’ by clicking on it.LCPSGo Forgot Password 2
  • Input your user ID by typing it into the designated field.
  • Reset your password by clicking the button underneath user ID field and then just follow the next instructional steps.

LCPSGo Contact Information

If you ever find yourself stuck in the signing in process due to unexpected problems, then it’s recommended to reach for LCPSGo contacts. Here is the list of available helpful contacts:

For Tuscarora High School students:

  • Principal Pamela Croft, Tuscarora High School
    801 North King Street
    Leesburg, Virginia 20176

For parent’s helps and student’s information: Call (571) 252-1907 or mail to

For common inquiries: Call (571) 252-1900 (LCPSGo’s primary office).

Official LCPS website address:

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Final Words

The article above contains the steps you will need in order to access LCPSGo login procedure. Feel free to use them, and start to use any features provided within the site for the students and staff members of Loudoun County Public Schools.