FGCU Canvas Login, Reset Password, Benefits, and Contact Information

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If you are a FGCU student, you must have known about FGCU Canvas, or even had tried to perform FGCU Canvas login at times. FGCU Canvas is a web portal for FGCU teachers and students. This online web portal is self-developed and has been a lot benefitting students and teachers of FGCU.

By performing FGCU Canvas login, you can access your personal student account. The portal is designed so that you can access your student data as well as studying online.

FGCU is a Florida-based university in which you can focus on research. The campus is located in Fort Myers and is a part of the State University System of Florida.

You can enroll on their undergraduate and graduate courses at Florida Gulf Coast University.

In this article, you will read the step-by-step procedure to perform FGCU Canvas login.

So, make sure to read through this article and get all much-required details you need to know about FGCU Canvas login.

About FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast University)

About FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast University)

Florida Gulf Coast University is a Florida-based public research university situated in Fort Myers. The university was established on May 3rd, 1991. Currently the university is authorized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and you can find 58 programs for bachelor degree, 25 programs for master degree, six doctoral degree programs, and twelve graduate certificates.

FGCU Canvas Features and Benefits

  • Access to your student data.
  • Integrated access to Canvas and Gulfline.
  • Easy access to forms that you’ll frequently use.
  • Class look-up, as well as GPA calculator application.
  • Secure and direct access to your vital information, including transcripts, registration status, and grades.
  • Access to EagleMail and recent FGCU notes and news.
  • Gateway to many other civitas resources.

Now, you understand what FGCU Canvas benefits are. Let’s proceed by knowing how to perform FGCU Canvas login at www.fgcu.edu/canvas. Make sure to read this information related to the login process thoroughly.

FGCU Canvas Login Requirements

To perform FGCU Canvas login, you should prepare these aspects below:

  • Gadgets connected to internet (PC, smartphone, or tablets will do).
  • An internet browser application.
  • FGCU Canvas login website address.
  • Activated Eagle Mail password and email address.

FGCU Canvas Login Step By Step

Logging in to your FGCU Canvas is easy. To ensure you do the successful FGCU Canvas login, you can do as mentioned below.

EagleMail Activate

Activate your student account before performing FGCU Canvas login. Your EagleMail is the same as your student account.

EagleMail is the student’s email system of Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). Each enrolled student that takes class at Florida Gulf Coast University will accept an EagleMail account.

To activate your EagleMail, visit https://www.fgcu.edu/email/ and proceed by clicking red “ACTIVATE” button. Or, you can also access https://eagle.fgcu.edu, scroll down and click on the blue “ACTIVATE EAGLE MAIL” button.

FGCU Canvas Login

Logging in to your FGCU Canvas needs to be preceded by activating your EagleMail. Once you’ve activated your EagleMail, you can do this procedure below:

  • Have your gadget ready and connect it to the internet, then visit https://www.fgcu.edu/canvas/.FGCU Canvas Login
  • Click the green ‘Login to Canvas’ button.FGCU Canvas Login 2
  • Input your activated Eagle Mail email address.
  • Continue by inputting your valid password to log in.
  • Finally, click the ‘Sign In’ button to access your account.

FGCU Canvas Reset Password

Resetting your password can be done when you forget the password you use to perform FGCU Canvas Login. To reset the password, follow this procedure below.

  • First, launch your internet browser and visit password reset portal at http://passwordreset.fgcu.edu.FGCU Canvas Reset Password
  • Click on the “Reset” link shown on your screen.FGCU Canvas Reset Password 2
  • Key in your username and choose the domain.
  • Continue by clicking the ‘Next’ button. Then, follow the instructions given to reset your FGCU Canvas Login password.

FGCU Canvas Change Password

In case you want to change your password to do FGCU Canvas Login, you can follow this procedure below:

  • Launch your internet browser and access password reset portal at http://passwordreset.fgcu.edu.FGCU Canvas Change Password
  • Click on the “Change” link shown.FGCU Canvas Change Password 2
  • Input your username and choose the domain.
  • Proceed by clicking the ‘Next’ button. Then, follow the instructions prompted to change your password.

FGCU Canvas Contact Information

  • Phone Number: 239-590-1000 and 800-590-3428
  • Mailing Address: 10501 FGCU Blvd. South, Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565
  • Official website: www.fgcu.edu

Final Words

So that is how to perform FGCU Canvas Login. Hope this article will help you in order to login to the system. To login to the system can be considered as quite easy, but if you think you need a help regarding the procedure, feel free to drop a comment below this article.