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JMU Canvas login portal site is created and designed to be used by students and educators at James Madison University.

If you’re a first-time user in this site, then it’s possible that you will need a guide in order to access it, by using your registered account.

For the students of James Madison University, they will be able to submit projects, assignments, as well as to communicate with fellow students or professors of this school.

There are many beneficial features provided by the page that you can use. Some of them will be listed in this article as well.

However, in order to access and use those features, you need to know how to perform the JMU Canvas login process first. Read how to do it in the guide provided in the following.

About JMU (James Madison University)

About JMU (James Madison University)

James Madison University, or also known as James Madison, Madison, or JMU, is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, U.S. as one of the public research universities there. The school was founded as State Normal and Industrial School for Women in 1908 then rebranded in 1983 as Madison College to honor President James Madison, until it finally being renamed in 1977 as James Madison University (JMU). JMU ranked 15th as the best American undergraduate business schools for ROI in 2013 by Bloomberg Business, and 21st in 100 Best Values in Public Colleges in 2015 by Kiplinger Magazine.

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JMU Canvas Login Benefits

  • It provides simple access and space for online learning.
  • It allows students to submit their assignment and project online.
  • It allows the teacher to check students’ assignments.
  • It lets the teacher to post information about post grades through the system.
  • It provides online tutorials.
  • It presents the latest information related to school for students.

There are more features of JMU Canvas site to discover after you successfully completed the JMU Canvas login process. Read below to find out about what you need to prepare and how to perform it.

JMU Canvas Login Requirements

  • The official JMU Canvas login website address.
  • A registered JMU Canvas account with JMU EID and password.
  • Web browser.
  • Desktop PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet to connect with internet.

JMU Canvas Login

Here are three steps to follow if you want to sign into your account in JMU Canvas login site:

  • Visit the official JMU Canvas login site address at Canvas Login
  • Input your JMU EID and password in the provided fields.
  • Select the ‘Login’ menu and then wait until you’re being redirected into your account’s page.

JMU Canvas Forgot Password

To report and recover back your JUMU Canvas account’s password, you may contact 540-568-3555 or send mail to

JMU Canvas Login Help Desk

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Final Words

So, you have learned all the steps required to access your account by reading the JMU Canvas login guide above. Don’t be hesitant to reach the phone call number or email address above for further information, to ask assistance, or submit general inquiries.