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Do you need a guide to complete My NISD portal login process? If the answer is yes, then you may read and follow the provided step-by-step guide in this article to sign in and access your account in the site.

This portal site is operated under Northside Independent School District, which initially comprised of 12 rural school districts when it was formed in 1949. It now runs 120 public schools in San Antonio, Texas and become a home for over 106,000 students and more than 7,600 teachers.

To read about the login guide, you may simply scroll down and find out about it in one of the sections within this article.

What is My NISD Portal?

My NISD portal login is a set of steps you have to go through to access the student’s account. Northside Independent School District, the organization that owns this portal site, is the largest school district within the San Antonio, Texas area, and currently is the fourth largest school district across the state of Texas.

There are plenty of beneficial features that NISD students can access by signing into this site. The online system serves for more than 106,000 students.

If you are one of the students at NISD, then read about the list of accessible beneficial features on the site in the following list.

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My NISD Portal Login Benefits

  • It provides a way to communicate between the students.
  • It allows the students to participate in virtual learning.
  • It provides a space for students to discuss about assignments and projects.
  • It lets the students be connected online.
  • It provides the convenience of technology for the students.

These are only some of the advantageous features available in My NISD portal site. Next, you may read about what you will need in order to perform the login steps and the actual guide to sign into your account in this site.

My NISD Portal Login Requirements

  • Official My NISD portal login site address.
  • Registered student account with username and password.
  • Web browser.
  • Desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or table to help you access internet.

My NISD Portal Login

Read three easy steps below to sign into your account in My NISD portal site:

  • Open the official My NISD portal login site address at NISD Portal Login
  • Type in your username and password as login information in the provided space.
  • Select ‘Login’ menu to continue with the logging in process.

My NISD Portal Forgot Password

  • Open the Official My NISD portal login site address at NISD Portal Forgot Password
  • Select the menu ‘Forgot Password?’ by clicking or pressing on it.My NISD Portal Forgot Password 2
  • Type in your network username.
  • Select ‘Next’ menu.
  • Answer Step 1 of security questions, then select ‘Next’.
  • Answer Step 2 of security questions, then select ‘Next’.
  • Type in your new password in the page of ‘Set new password’.
  • Type again your new password to confirm, then select ‘Next’.

Update New MyNISD Portal Campus Staff

  • Open the Official My NISD portal login site address at and logging in using the previous guide.
  • Type in your authentication code and your phone number.
  • Type in your PIN code.
  • Answer all the seven steps of security questions.
  • Type in your PIN code at the eight steps of security questions.
  • Summarize your answers in the page of ‘Enrollment Summary’.
  • Select the menu ‘Save Answers’.

My NISD Portal Login Contact Information

  • Dial the phone numbers: 210-397-7200

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You have known all the needed steps in order to perform My NISD portal login. If for some reasons you cannot access your account or the site, don’t hesitate to contact the phone call numbers provided above to reach the school help desk team.