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By reading the provided article below, you will learn the steps of Ceridian Powerpay login. The process itself is actually very easy and simple to do.

However, for the first-timer or someone who’s not familiar with this online portal site, they may find difficulty or issue to access and log into their account.

In order to perform Ceridian Powerpay login, there are some requirements needed. For examples, you will need number given by the company and a username ID. You’ll also need to prepare an accessing device, internet connection, and an internet browser.

To know about the entire steps and requirements, go through the guides below that explain to you how to access the login portal site.

About Ceridian

Ceridian HCM, Inc. is a US company that provides goods and services in the form of software for human resources field. It operates not only in US, but also in Canada, Europe, Australia, and Mauritius.

Ceridian was established in Minneapolis, MN, USA, back in 1992. As per April 2018, the company is listed under New York Stock Exchange as publicly held company.

Now that you know more about this company, it is time to learn how to complete the process of Ceridian Powerpay login through its official site.

However, before you proceed with the guide, you may need to know about what you will need in order to access your account first.

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Ceridian Powerpay Login Requirements

  • The official website address of Ceridian Powerpay login.
  • Number from the company and username ID.
  • Web browser
  • Devices with internet connection, including desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Ceridian Powerpay Login

Read and follow the steps below in order to do Ceridian Powerpay login successfully:

  • Open the official site of Ceridian Powerpay on your web browser at www.ceridian.com/support/login.Ceridian Powerpay Login
  • Select the ‘Powerpay Login’ menu.Ceridian Powerpay Login 2
  • Input number given by company and your username ID in the designated fields.
  • Press on ‘Continue’ menu to proceed with the login process.

Ceridian Powerpay Forgot User ID

  • Open the official site of Ceridian Powerpay on your web browser at www.ceridian.com/support/login.Ceridian Powerpay Forgot User ID
  • Select the ‘Forgot your User ID?’ menu.Ceridian Powerpay Forgot User ID 2
  • Input number given by company and your email address in the designated fields.
  • Press on ‘Submit’ menu and follow the provided instructions to recover your username ID.

Ceridian Powerpay Contact Information

The provided phone call numbers below will be able to give you help, in case you encounter issue or problem during the Ceridian Powerpay login process. Simply contact the phone numbers and submit your inquiries or your problem, for the support team to assist you by offering steps to solve it.

Call Numbers:

  • All provinces except Quebec: 1-866-398-2572
  • Quebec customers: 1-866-538-8702 (or 514-908-3191)


  • All provinces except Quebec: 1-866-414-2301
  • Quebec customers: 1-877-483-3701 (or 514-908-3146)


Official Website: www.ceridian.com

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Final Words

Well, you have read and learned about the guides to Ceridian Powerpay login, sign-up, and username ID reset. These tutorials will help if you do not familiar with this online portal site or if you face issues during accessing your account. Feel free to contact the support phone call numbers above if you encounter trouble when managing the account.