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If you currently searching for a tutorial to help you to go through ADP Run Login, then the guide below will be able to help you. The following articles will also show you how to solve issue during the sign in process or in case you’ve forgotten the password to use on the site. You will also read about the brief profile of ADP Run, as well as numbers of benefits when you use the site. All you have to do is just to follow all the provided steps without missing any of it.

About ADP Run

Prior to learning the process of completing ADP Run Login, you may want to know what the site is about. ADP Run is a site that helps different companies and business to manage their payrolls. In order to login to the site, you will need some data that will be listed as well below.

ADP Run is software that’s designed to be easy to use. It simplifies how the businesses manage the payrolls and Human Resources departments – even for small business. Moreover, it also helps them to manage compliances and taxes, all from one convenient place.

You can think of the login portal as the entryway to access its site, in which you’ll read about the steps of accessing the site in the following guides.

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ADP Run Login for Administrator

ADP Run provides a clear and instinctive approaches to complete and solve all finance related issue and tasks. In order to complete ADP Run Login for the administrator, you may follow the tutorial below which is provided by LiteBlue USPS login.

  • This is a guide that’s meant to be used by administrative staffs, such as manager and workers.
  • First, you need to open the official site of ADP Run Payroll site through your browser at Run Login
  • Next, you need to input information that comprised of your username ID and password to proceed with the login process.
  • Open the administrator page at MyAccess ADP.
  • Open the page in order to complete the process.
  • Select on the menu ‘Register as New User’ in the section of employee registration.
  • Follow the rest of provided instruction to complete the whole login process.

ADP RUN Login for Employee

  • To complete the ADP Run Login process for employee, follow the guide below.
  • Similar to the first step for administrator, you need to open the official site of ADP Run Payroll site through your browser at
  • Choose the menu of Sign In for employee.
  • Next, you need to input the required information. Start by inputting your username ID in the designated field.
  • Then, finish the process by inputting your personal password. Click ‘Login’ or ‘Sign In’ menu and then you’ll be done.

ADP Run Payroll Password Reset

  • Open the official site of ADP Run Payroll site through your browser at
  • Click on the menu of ‘Forget My Password’ to continue with the process. It will bring you to another page.ADP Run Payroll Password Reset
  • Now input your username ID so the system can recognize you in order to recover and reset your password.
  • You will be provided by security page.
  • Answer the questions that are relayed to your account’s security in order to proceed with ADP Run Login.
  • Then create a new password in the provided space and then you’ll be able to access your account like you normally do.

ADP Run Features and Benefits

  • The users can manage their paycheck in matters of minutes.
  • The employers are able to handle employees’ paycheck.
  • The mobile app is designed to help boost productivity.
  • It eliminates time-consuming tasks.
  • It manages the tax filing for employees.
  • It manages payroll in automatic and fast manners.
  • It provides compliance.
  • It offers the data of overtime work.
  • It supports Human Resources tasks to take care of the workers.
  • It arranges legal matters.
  • It provides required information for the employees.
  • It keeps employees’ record in single accessible place.
  • It helps business to manage its cash flow.
  • It provides information related to the health plans and business insurance.
  • It offers the helps for employees to plan their retirement.

ADP Run Contact Number

ADP Run operates as global software that works as internet-based human capital administration (HCM). It manages all the matters related to business’ finance, HR, time management, organization structures, and its assessment. Moreover, the program is the pioneer in the industry of administration and evaluation of a business.

In case you encounter some issues and problem on completing ADP Run Login or during accessing your account, then you may reach the customer support of ADP Run at the provided contact below.


  • Roseland, New Jersey, USA

Official website address:


Phone numbers:

  • 1-844-227-5237

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Final Words

Use the guide on how to complete ADP Run Login above at your own convenience. Remember that you have options to contact and ask for customer support in case you face any problem when you’re running the account or trying to access it.