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What is AKO enterprise email? To be explained in short, this is an enterprise email that’s used by AKO, in which the email addresses will be provided from an email provider. Since July 2013, AKO account user will get their email addresses from OWA (Outlook Web App) which requires the use of CAC.

Getting AKO Enterprise Email and How to Use It

To get AKO Enterprise Email, which is defined as an email account ending in ‘’, you need to check with the institution you are in to set such AKO email account.

It was said that using OWA will require using your CAC, right? Since it is required to be so, you need to install the CAC (Common Access Card) reader on your personal PC. Common Access Card is so important to access AKO Enterprise Email, since this card contains data about yourself, including your portrait, identity, affiliation, department, etc. CAC is a card not only specific to military members, but also for Department of Defense (DoD) employees (civilians) and other eligible personnel.

To install the CAC Reader on your Windows PC, you can do the procedures as follows:

  1. First of all, get yourself a CAC reader.
  2. Then on your PC, install the CAC reader driver.
  3. Next, get a DoD Certificate.
  4. Then, install ActivClient.
  5. Use Internet Explorer and set the configuration for CAC
  6. When prompted, pick the certificate ‘Email’.

AKO Enterprise Email

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Accessing AKO Enterprise Email

Now that you have done the procedures above, you can access the OWA from your personal PC. You can also use OWA to access your enterprise email while at home or somewhere.

However, sometimes your PC doesn’t cooperate well with the website to access your AKO enterprise email account. This is due to some settings you will have to fix first to ease your access to your AKO enterprise email by using Outlook Web App. To do that:

  1. Always make sure you are using Internet Explorer – not any other browsers.
  2. On the upper side of the monitor, find ‘Tools’, then click on it.
  3. Continue by choosing ‘Internet Options’.
  4. Then, pick ‘Content Tab’.
  5. Click ‘Clear SSL State’. After this process is done, you will be required to confirm the clearing process.
  6. Typically, there will be a prompt to restart your browser. Simply give a ‘yes’ to the prompt, and try to re-access your AKO enterprise email via OWA.

There is another method to take when the above procedures are failed to help you access AKO enterprise email.

  1. After launching the Internet Explorer, simply pick ‘Tools’ and then ‘Internet Options’.
  2. Select ‘Security Tab’ and proceed with ‘Sites’ button.
  3. On the text field provided, type in https://* then confirm by clicking OK.
  4. Again, usually you will be required to re-launch your browser app.
  5. Once again, retry to see that the OWA is accessible through your PC.

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There is another method to try if you are still unable to do these methods. However, this method of Cross Cert removal tool is only OK if you are the PC administrator. Otherwise, to help you access the AKO enterprise email, the easiest way is to contact an IT staff to ask for help.