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Every registered user of Lightspeed website must went through the process of Lightspeed retail login. When you try to access the website, you may have to perform several steps, which will be laid out and explained in the simple guide in this following article. Moreover, it will also explain what steps you need to take if you forget or lose your password in a few easy steps.

What is Lightspeed Retail?

Before you even read the guide of Lightspeed retail login procedure, here is a brief profile about the company and services that it provides. Lightspeed is a company that provides e-commerce and point-of-sale services. It was established by Dax Da Silva (which is also the current CEO of the company) in 2005 and based in Montreal, Canada. Lightspeed has several branch offices across Canada (Ottawa and Olympia), USA (Santa Cruz and New York City), and Europe (Amsterdam and Belgium). There are currently a total of more than 23,000 retails, restaurants, and hospitality businesses under this company that are located in 100 countries.

Lightspeed Retail Login Benefits

  • Point-of-sale (POS) for retails.
  • Smart management for inventory system.
  • Effective reporting system.
  • Versatile options for payment.
  • Feature to create multiple stores.
  • Integration with e-commerce.

The list of beneficial features above shows that Lightspeed retail provides services for dedicated businesses that strive to improve and develop further. Now, to access your account in the side, read about the Lightspeed retail login steps and required items in the following sections.

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Lightspeed Retail Login Requirements

  • Official online portal site of Lightspeed retail login.
  • Registered email address or user ID with a password.
  • Web browser.
  • A device to help you access the internet.

Lightspeed Retail Login

Here are the steps that you are required to take in order to access the Lightspeed retail account of yours:

  • Open the Official online portal site of Lightspeed retail login at Retail Login
  • Choose the menu of ‘Retail’ by pressing on its button.Lightspeed Retail Login 2
  • Type in your email address or user ID, then type in your password into each of their respective box.
  • Proceed by clicking the menu of ‘Sign In’ and wait for a while before you’re redirected to your account.

Lightspeed Retail Forgot Password

  • Open the Official online portal site of Lightspeed retail login at Retail Forgot Password
  • Choose the menu of ‘Forgot Password?’ by pressing on its button.Lightspeed Retail Forgot Password 2
  • Type in your email address in its respective box.
  • Proceed by clicking the menu of ‘Reset Password’ and wait for a while until you’re being a sent of email that contains a link to recover the password.

Lightspeed Retail Contact Information

If you need helps or answers regarding Lightspeed, then feel free to reach the support team. Lightspeed’s support team can be contacted via phone call through the numbers below.

Phone call numbers: 866-932-1801

London, United Kingdom

Montreal, Canada

  • Mon-Fri: 9am-9pm, Sat–Sun: 10am-4pm
  • +1.514.907.1801 (International), 866.932.1801 (North America), 855.300.7108 (Québec)
  • Fax: 514.221.4499
  • 700 St-Antoine Est, Suite 300, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2Y1A6

Official Website:

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Final Words

The provided guide on how to complete Lightspeed retail login process above will help you to access your business account. Don’t be hesitant to reach their support team through phone call if you have questions or assistance to use its services.