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AKO CAC login is a required method to access AKO email account started from 2013. AKO (Army Knowledge Online) mail itself is an extremely secure electronic mail service provided by US Army by using IMAP-S and POP-S. Now, it is used by more than 2.5 million of users.

How to Perform AKO CAC Login

AKO services are available to be used by army active members, retired members, and DA civilians. Due to its high security practices, AKO CAC login sometimes is difficult to perform.

AKO has electronic mailing platform called Enterprise Email, which is used by CAC (Common Access Card) users. In this service, users cannot log into their email account by merely using username and password. If you use DISA mail on Ms. Exchange, you will need to log by using CAC on the Outlook webpage application, meanwhile if you use Dual Persona, then you’ll still need to use Enterprise Email which where the AKO CAC login problem usually appears.

Here are the steps to perform AKO CAC login:

  1. Visit US Army official site at https://www.us.army.mil/.
  2. Press the button that says ‘I Accept’.
  3. Press the button that says ‘CAC / PIV login’.
  4. Choose your identity certificate if prompted, in which you may use your CAC username.
  5. Press ‘OK’.
  6. Input your PIN for CAC. This step may be skipped if you have logged in already on personal computer that registered your CAC and PIN on its system.
  7. Wait until the system approved your identity certificate before you’re being logged in.

In case you have problem when accessing website that uses CAC, try to disable your web protection or antivirus. If the problem persists, try to reinstall the program.


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AKO CAC Login Authentication Standards

AKO CAC login may fail you because it has high security layer. These layered securities sometimes even rule out soldier, but they make the personal AKO account and the entire system secure.

AKO CAC system offers industry leading security. It is amongst the best solutions for secure email correspondence, digital storage of documents, and managing online information. As mentioned before, this service is currently used by over 2.5 million users due to its best standards and practice on security.

There are two types of authentication methods for AKO CAC login to ensure safety:

  • DoD (Department of Defense) PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) or CAC login: The first factor of this authentication standard is by using physical CAC and the second factor is by using PIN. Most of the times, it refers the authentication as utilizing ‘what you have’ and ‘what you know’.
  • KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication) of password login: The first factor of this authentication standard is by using username and password and the second factor is by using KBA, so it’s a method for AKO login without CAC card. It is often referred as using ‘what you know’ and ‘what else that you know’ authentication.

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AKO is amongst the best information protection in DoD. Keep in mind while the service uses the best security practices and policies, it is still under obligation to adhere to DoD and Army. Use the guide of AKO CAC login above if you encounter the login issue in the system.