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Each employee should have dreamed that the company that they work in is caring in each aspect of their life, including their dreams. Of course, this manifests in the terms of providing perks, benefits, and discounts for employees especially when they are still working for the corporate. And that is what exactly what Prisma Health Employees are getting: Prisma Health Employee Benefits.

This company offers great compensation and career opportunities for their employees (physicians). This compensation and career opportunities allows them to get various luxury rewards as well as other employee benefits at Prisma Health. This is set in order to help them cultivate their working spirit, and also bring a successful career for the future.

Prisma Health Employee Benefits

Therefore, if you are working for Prisma Healthcare, it is a sure thing that you should learn about these perks as well. To obtain that, you can get the information through this article—as this article will help you in understanding it.

Why Choose a Career at Prisma Healthcare?

Prisma Health is known as one of the largest non-profit health organizations which are based in South Carolina. The organization was established in November 2017 as a merger of Greenville Health System and Palmetto Health.

This organization specifies its services on various cares of cancer, several tough surgeries, and heart and vascular related health problems. With that ranges of expertise, it becomes a must for them to have only highly trained medical personnel. Also, the organization needs to provide innovative and comprehensive treatment as well.

Prisma Health Employee Benefits and Perks

This organization believes that each member of their team plays a great role in providing patient-centered health care services related to cancer, health care, orthopedics, women’s and children’s health rehabilitation, emergency medicine, brain injury, as well as other medical specialties.

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Prisma Health Employee Benefits, Discounts, and Privileges

Not only providing medical treatment for its patients, but Prisma Healthcare also thinks that giving out the proper care for their dedicated team members is also important, especially since they have performed only the best for not only primary care patients, but also outpatients.

Therefore, the organization plans in offering tremendous compensation and career chance for the physicians. This will also include various great rewarding programs and various marvelous benefits coming as a form of Prisma Health employee benefits.

Know what awesome employee benefits from Prisma Health have got to offer its employees here:

  • Health Benefits which offer them a lot of options in general and vision medicine and prescription coverage. This coverage is carried out by BCBSSC.
  • Prescription Benefits for this Prisma Health employee benefits, the organization is cooperating with Envision Rx Options.
  • Cancer Insurance, which is given out by Colonial.
  • Free services for primary care and generic prescriptions and what’s great is that employees can also get free dental examinations and cleaning as well as vision exams.
  • Dental Plan which provides coverage for any diagnostic and preventive care, orthodontics and oral treatments; whose offer is carried out by BCBSSC.
  • Vision Plan this will include coverage for lenses/contact lenses, frames, retinal imaging, performing eye exams with dilation procedure, as well as discounted price for vision correction (LASIK), etc. This coverage is provided by VSP.

Prisma Health Benefits

  • Employee Wellness Program which is designed to assist eligible personnel makes the proper choices for their personal, emotional, and financial well-being—this service is provided by GHS.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts allows employees to put aside pre-tax funds each year to pay off any of the eligible health care expenses. This Prisma Health benefit for employee will be given out by Stanley, Hunt, DuPree & Rhine (SHDR).
  • Group Life and Accident Insurance, just as its name infers, the organization offers life, accident, and dismemberment insurance especially for residents. This Prisma Health employee benefits will also pay them with a sum of money equal to 1 annual salary for life and death insurance.
  • Group Disability coverage, which is done by Cigna
  • Additional Universal Life LTC Rider, which is covered by Colonial Life
  • Additional Voluntary Term Life Insurance covered by The Standard
  • Optional Accident Insurance offered by The Standard
  • Paid Time Off covered by GHS. This program is also including PTO Donation Program, and for sick, vacation, and volunteer hours.
  • GHS Retirement Savings Plans which is provided and managed by Prudential
  • Education Assistance Program – Eligible full-time employees may start to attend further education to boost their undergraduate education as well as receiving tuition scholarship.

Employee Benefits at Prisma Health

  • Adoption Benefit Assistance offering financial aid toward any expenses paid in attempt to adopt child/children or conceive child/children through surrogacy program.
  • Housing Assistance
  • Childcare Center
  • Cosmetic Services Discount
  • Employee Care Centers offered by GHS.
  • GHS Federal Credit Union – Financial services which includes share-draft accounts, and giving out loans with easy payroll withdrawal.
  • 403b Plan: Prisma Health also provides 403b Plan as part of their Prisma Health employee benefits. This is to make employees capable in setting aside income excluded from tax. 403b donations are possible to be spent on Fidelity.
  • Employee Assistance Program – Confidential assistance/counseling, including referrals at zero costs.
  • Employee Appreciation Discount Programs – any product and service discount information will be enclosed on Discount Program and Employee Appreciation booklet.
  • LifeCenter – Price cut on monthly duties for either full or part-time employees; payment reduction for monthly fees available. PRN employees can get membership discount especially for initiation charges with a requirement that monthly dues must be drafted in bank.

Prisma Health Employee Discounts

Prisma Health Benefits Summary

To conclude, Prisma Health gives out marvelous compensation chances for its physicians, which include:

  • CME allowance
  • Discounts for cosmetic services
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Care Centers for employees
  • Adjustable schedules for part-time, full-time, and all PRN positions
  • Adjustable spending accounts
  • Full-aid for relocation, which also includes house-hunting
  • Fully funded enduring disability
  • Medical, vision, and dental insurance
  • Coverage for malpractice
  • Savings plans for retirement – 457(b), 403(b), and the compulsory 401(a) government plan

Prisma Employee Benefits

To sum it up, the Prisma Health employee benefits are way greater than any common benefits in other organizations in the respective field. This is done to boost the employees’ both of personal and financial security by providing beneficiary packages and programs.

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So that is all about Prisma Health employee perks, benefits, and discounts for employees that they may get when working for Prisma Health.

Hope this information about Prisma Health employee benefits will be beneficial as well for you. Feel free to leave your comment if you got something to ask regarding this article.