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Planning to start your career with Nordstrom? You should check this article about Nordstrom employee benefits which you will find attractive-making you able to work while enjoying great reward packages.

Nordstrom offers a vast array of Nordstrom benefits and discounts for its employees. And these benefits can be obtained simply by logging in to their official Nordstrom Employee portal.

Still not knowing about this? Then, this is a sign that you need to learn what this article has to offer: information about Nordstrom Employee Profits packages.

Nordstrom Employee Benefits

In this article, you will also get to learn about the fully detailed information regarding your Nordstrom employees’ profits accessible at Nordstrom employee portal, Nordstrom Employee Discounts, Nordstrom Health Benefits for Employees, and other things relevant to Nordstrom employee benefit packages.

Read more to learn what this department store chain offers to its employees, perks, and various discounts that you can reimburse while working with this big company.

About Nordstrom

To be simply said, Nordstrom, Inc. is an American luxurious department store chain that offers lots of products. The company was founded in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom as well as Carl F. Wallin—and at first, it was a shoe store. Currently, the company operates in 117 stores in the 40 states of the USA, three Canadian provinces, as well as in Puerto Rico.

Nordstrom Employee Benefits and Perks

The company is a full-line retailer with various departments like clothing, handbags, footwear, cosmetics, home furnishings, jewelry and accessories, fragrances and even including restaurants, in-house cafes, and espresso bars. With these arrays of services, the company employs around 74,000 people.

Not only renowned for offering only top-notch quality products and services to the customers, but the company is also known for giving out a whole range of advantageous programs, but also definitely useful features and benefits for its employees.

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What are Employee Benefits at Nordstrom?

Nordstrom is known to offer the most competitive and flexible perks packages for all of its employees in the same way.

Nordstrom Benefits

Nordstrom Benefits package for its employee is available for all employees. Be it part-time or full-time, all employees can have the same chance to get the benefits.

You can read Nordstrom Employee Benefits in the table below.

401(K) Plan
  • Great 401(K) plan, ranging from 1% to 4%.
  • Additional 2% for any long-term and high-performing employees
Life InsuranceStandard life insurance up to $10,000 for each employee
Health Insurance (overall)
  • Nordstrom employee health benefits
  • Provided by Aetna
  • 20% coverage plan
Health Insurance (Vision)50% coverage on eye tests, contacts, and glasses.
Health Insurance (Dental)
  • Provided by MetLife
  • 50% discount on dental procedures
  • 2 free-of-charge cleanings each year for every employee
Retirement PlanVarious investment options provided as an addition to 401(K)
Employee Stock Purchase PlanNordstrom provides discounted stock prices with first chance to purchase for employees with each new stock release.
Working From HomeAvailability to work from home especially on critical cases.
Parental Leave
  • 1 month before birth plus 3 months after birth for both sides (maternal and paternal).
  • Types: unpaid and manager approved paid leaves available.
Paid HolidaysYou can be paid with 1.5 X normal daily rate, if you’ll work on holidays.
Vacation and Paid Day Off
  • Nordstrom will give you 18 vacation days for each year for all employees.
  • It can be accumulated in the next year, if it remains unused.
Employee Assistance Program
  • Therapists and assistance are available for all employees facing personal problems
  • Free counseling to aid employees in deciding their career path
Employee DiscountUp to 40% off on all Nordstrom products
SchedulesNon-rigid schedules for specific departments of the company
Long-term savingsDefined Contribution (DC) annuity, non-matching
Apprenticeship ProgramSkill-training for all Nordstrom employees

Best Nordstrom Employee Benefits at

According to Nordstrom employee’s reviews, the list of the greatest employee benefits at Nordstrom will include these as follows:

  • Nordstrom employee benefits in health aspects
  • Nordstrom health insurance, which includes dental and vision coverage
  • Marvelous 401(K) plan, which starts from 1% and up to 4%
  • Up to 40% discounts for all Nordstrom products
  • 4-month maternity leave
  • 18 paid time-off and the availability of working from home
  • Employee-only discounts
  • Commuter benefits
  • Non-rigid working hours
  • 24/7 Nordstrom suicide hotline

Employee Benefits at Nordstrom

With all said, Nordstrom employee benefits are way beyond other companies’ (in the same field) employee benefits. Such benefits are made with a purpose to enhance the employees’ both personal and financial security through providing great benefit packages and programs.

Nordstrom Employee Benefits Login

To obtain the Nordstrom employee benefits offered by the company as mentioned earlier, as well as to get employee’s discounts, employees will need to login to the official portal of Nordstrom Employee Login. But, how is to login in their portal? Here is how.

You should follow these step-by-step to perform login to the employee’s official portal:

  • Using your gadget’s browser, visit Nordstrom Employee Login official portal at Employee Benefits Login
  • Then, enter your employee number as well as your password.
  • Check back to ensure the information you key in is correct. Then, simply click on “Log In” to enter the system afterwards.

Nordstrom Contact Information

  • Phone Number: 1-(206) 628-2111 (Toll-Free)
  • Fax Number: (206) 628-1795
  • Address: 1617 6th Ave. Seattle, WA 98101 United States

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So, that’s all relevant information about Nordstrom employee benefits a program special for Nordstrom employees. You can always check back if you need information related to employee benefits, what aspects are provided, as well as the detailed information regarding the benefits of working in Nordstrom.

For some of you, the information about Nordstrom employee benefits above may contain something questionable. Feel free to ask us through the comment section what you are inquiring. We will try to reach you back as soon as possible.