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Target is a global discount store retailer based in America. With more than 400,000 employees around the world, it believes that the company’s employees are amongst their most crucial asset and it has committed to take care and reward their dedication and hard work. This article will show you various Target employee benefits.

The philosophy of employee benefits of Target is rather simple: it is to invest in the team members’ wellbeing, be it at work or outside of it. This is the reason why the company goes beyond to arrange benefits that can complement the employees and their families’ lifestyle and health. The benefits include health support, coverage for insurance, adjustable work hours, physical and mental health sessions, financial help resources, and special reimbursements and allowances for virtual work.

The information details about Target employee benefits below will be useful if you are interested in working at the company or if you’re already a part of their team members. Note that the following data may be incomplete.

Target Employee Benefits and Discounts

Target is a giant retail company that’s mainly based in America and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US. Currently, it sits at the 8th position of the largest corporation in this country. The company was established by George Dayton in 1902, hence the parent corporation’s name being Dayton’s. Brian Cornell, its current CEO took the position in 2014.

Target Employee Benefits

In 2020 alone, this company’s net income reached more than $4.3 billion. At the same year, it employs more than 409,000 workers. To accommodate their employees, Target provides a broad range of work benefits to enhance their employees’ life both inside and outside of work. Target employee benefits are specifically designed to assist the financial, physical, mental, and social wellbeing of their team members.

There are various packages included in their employee benefits. Some of the examples are medical insurance, 401K retirement plan, assistance program in the area of legal advice and counseling, special 10% discount, and many more. Further details about the benefits will be laid out in the following sections of this article.

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Health Benefits at Target

Target Corporation offers their team members with essential and supplemental coverage to enhance their physical and mental health. Health benefits package at Target includes:

  • Benefits of medical and pharmacy
  • Dental coverage
  • Vision coverage
  • Insurance for accident, critical illness, and hospital indemnity
  • Life events support programs
  • Rewards and program to promote wellbeing actions
  • Assistance programs via LifeResources
  • Wellbeing education resources
  • Special 20% health discount

Target Employee Benefits and Perks

The discount program for Target employees is a program where the team members of this company can obtain extra savings for various services and products, including car insurance, vacations, entertainment, and many more.

Target Career Benefits

Target Corporation provides top career benefits for their team members, in order to support the career of their employees. The purpose of career benefits packages is to assist and empower their team members to be treasured employees through:

  • Programs to develop leadership quality
  • Resources for development and learning
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Education growth
  • Program of recognition to acknowledge dedicated employee
  • Assistance program that include counseling for free to resolve emotional hardship, stress inducing issues, and more related to the workplace

Target Benefits

Financial Well-being at Target

In order to ensure the financial wellbeing of their employees, there are several components in the Target employee benefits in financial package, such as:

  • Special 10% discount at Target’s online and offline store
  • 401K retirement plans
  • Paid leaves for family matters
  • Life insurance
  • Paid personal days, vacation, and holidays
  • Spending account for daycare and healthcare purposes
  • Disability insurance for long and short term
  • Incentive plan for short term in the form of yearly bonus program
  • Protection of identity theft
  • Reimbursement for adoption program
  • Credit union
  • Assistance for education
  • Special employee discount from vacation, to childcare, to gyms

Employee Benefits at Target

Social Well-being

Target puts efforts in maintaining and promoting healthy balance between personal and work life of their employees. That’s why the company offers social benefits package that includes:

  • Legal services
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Assistance for adoption program
  • Protection of identity
  • Insurance for home, car, and rentals
  • Benefits of commuter
  • Discounts and assistance for tuition
  • Mentoring for career development
  • Assistance program
  • Grievance leave

Eligibility for Employee Benefits and Discounts at Target

All of the Target’s full time employees who work minimum 30 hours weekly are eligible to receive medical, vision, and dental coverage. This is also provided for newly hire full time employees who have achieved effective employment date, which falls on the first month after the first month of their employment.

Target Employee Discounts

Here is some information related to the Target employee benefits eligibility for the team members:

  • New employees are eligible to receive benefits on the first day after the first month of their employment.
  • Full time employees are eligible to receive benefits if they work minimum 30 hours weekly.
  • The benefits enrollment are opened one time each year for the employees to make adjustment to their enrolled benefits.
  • Employees may made adjustment within 50 days for their change of family status such as child birth, marriage, divorce, and so on.
  • Premiums will be deducted automatically from the employees’ pre-tax paycheck if they enroll to a plan after the benefits start to take effective date.
  • The coverage for employee who are no longer actively work for the company will be terminated by Target.
  • Employees who do not pay premiums for insurance coverage for 30 days will have their benefits terminates.

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By now, you have learned all the information regarding Target employee benefits. If you want to submit inquiries or require further assistance related to the benefit packages, then feel free to contact the company directly via the provided web address or phone call line above.