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Panda Express employee benefits are something you certainly need to know before applying the job to this Chinese-food restaurant chain. Indeed, Panda Express is considered as one of the largest Asian-themed restaurant chains in the United States of America with hundreds of branches all across the nation.

For the employees, Panda Express gives numerous jobs benefits, so they can work happily and maintain their work-life balance easily. Those benefits include the health insurance, income protection, paid time off, and even some scholarship. Learn more about the benefits on the information below.

Panda Express Employee Benefits

Panda Express Employee Benefits

Panda Express is known for its Asian, particularly Chinese, style cooking. Moreover, the restaurant has been around for many, many years. To this day, the restaurant chains can be found in more than 2,000 locations all across the USA.

With that many locations or branches, certainly the number of employees is massive. Yes, there are more than 5,000 people working for Panda Express, and they all have the same aim: serving the customers and patrons of Panda Express every day, all day.

Of course, to keep everyone working for the restaurant happy, the management sets great benefit programs for the employee. There are so many types of Panda Express employee benefits. It includes the benefits for their retirement plans as well.

For the retirement, Panda Express established the program for the sake of employee’s well-being and financial security after they are retiring. This is certainly a good, generous program that all types of working place have to set, so the employees can retire securely.

Panda Express Employee Benefits and Perks

For those working at Panda Express or plan to, read the information below. Therefore, you know exactly what you will get if you work for this restaurant chain.

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Panda Express Career Benefits

These are some of Panda Express employee benefits you will get. These benefits are given to all employees without any exceptions.

  • Base Pay and Bonuses: The salary given to the employees are competitive and surely there will also be tons of bonuses.
  • Health and Wellness: The management considers their employee’s health and well-being very carefully, and thus it provides 80% of premium insurance covers, as well as 50% covers for those considered as qualified dependents.
  • Employee Perks: There are perks of being employee of Panda Express, and they are including getting discounts in theme parks, free movie tickets, free mobile phone, free gym membership and a lot more.
  • Stock Options and Future Savings: For you who considers investment all the time, all associates of Panda Express are entitled to stock options and 401(k) worth of savings accounts (approximately 4% of investment)
  • Continuous Learning:
    • Learning Benefit Program: Everyone working at Panda Express will be given courses and books related to customer service and hospitality. Those courses are worth more than USD 525, and they are totally legal and approved.
    • Scholarship Program: You can get 80% tuition coverage if you are getting your degree while working at Panda Express. It is believed the maximum coverage of tuition is around USD 2,500 every year.

Panda Express Vacation Policy – Paid Time Off

Panda Express Benefits

For all employees of Panda Express, certainly there will be policies when it comes to vacations and time off. The vacation is included in Panda Express employee benefits, and the time off is paid. These are the details.

  • Paid Time Off:
    • Paid Time Off (PTO) is given to the employee of Panda Express even on the first day of their jobs.
    • The amount of PTO and vacation is different from one employee to another, depending on how long they have been working for the restaurant chains.
  • Sick Leave: Everyone, both full time and part time employees of Panda Express, can have sick leave anytime they need it.
  • Holidays
    • Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are the days the employees are entitled to holiday time off, along with several other celebrations.
    • Anyone willing to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day will be paid 1.5 times their regular pay rate.
  • Bereavement Time: Any employees are entitled to three days (or 24 hours) of paid time off for mourning period. It applies if anyone whom their immediate family has died. It applies for employees that have been working for the restaurant for at least 2 months.

Income Protection at Panda Express

Employee Benefits at Panda Express

  • Life Insurance: There will be full life insurance worth more than $50,000 given to all employees with no exception.
  • Short-Term & Long-Term Disability: There will be insurance to cover the inability of the employee to work when they are bound to injury, getting some serious illness, or when they are pregnant.
  • Cancer Protection: Panda Express employee benefits are including cancer protection to help the employees cover the prevention cancer program or help them getting early diagnosis.

Panda Express Employee Benefits Summary

Panda Express Employee Discounts

  • Negotiable schedule
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Vision insurance
  • Associate discount for employee
  • Health insurance
  • Employee assistance program
  • Panda Express 401k plan
  • Panda Express Employee discount
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance and disability
  • Satisfying work-life balance
  • Dental insurance
  • Bonus payment
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Educational Assistance Program

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That is all you need to know related to the benefits you will get when you are working at the restaurant of Panda Express. If you like to try Panda Express employee benefits, you need to apply to the restaurant as soon as you can. Thank you for reading the post, and we will come back for more.