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Are you someone who’s currently considering to join Marriott or already join the company but is still familiar with its benefit systems? If the answer is yes, then this article will walk you through the Marriott employee benefits that you can use as a guide and reference anytime.

Marriott is a renowned global company that employs more than 730,000 professionals that are located in approximately 130 territories and countries. With widely spread business operations, this company provides numerous chances for professionals in the hospitality industry to start and build their careers.

Marriott Employee Benefits

One of the company’s fundamental believes is to take care of its team-members, employees, and associates. This is done by providing comprehensive and competitive packages of benefits, pay, and opportunities according to the employee’s circumstances and choices.

The employees of Marriott receive benefits that come with their positions in the company. The purpose offering these benefits is to inspire the employees with healthy balance between their work and personal life, and to retain their employees year after year.

What Employee Benefits Does Marriott Offer?

Marriott International, Inc. is a US-based global hospitality company. It is currently the most massive hotel chain across the world, with provided services under more than 30 brands and nearly 7,500 businesses that spread across more than 130 countries and territories. To summarize, this company handles and franchises a broad hotel and lodging facilities.

Marriott Employee Benefits and Perks

The history of this company goes way back, when it was first established in 1927 by J. Willard Marriott. Until now, it is based in Bethesda, MD. To operate the business successfully, the company employs more than 730,000 professional across its diversified enterprises.

In order to keep these employees, along with associates and team-members of the company engaged, loyal, and happy, the business offers comprehensive and unique benefit programs. These include numerous saving plan and retirement welfare plan types.

Marriott employee benefits are created, designed, and provided to take care of four areas of employee’s well-being. These areas are financial, physical, mental, and social. As mentioned above, the following guide will show you the range of benefits provided aside from the salary if you are a new employee in this company or currently consider joining it.

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Marriott Employee Health Benefits

Marriott Benefits

The employees who work under Marriott International Inc. are eligible to receive healthcare benefits. The benefits are provided by GroupHealth under health maintenance plan. This plan involves healthcare coverage from the company for the employees through the specialists and health provider from its network.

There are several plan options available to be chosen by the employees. They are also able to customize the coverage according to their and their dependent’s circumstances. For example, there is a dental coverage package from the company that is accompanied with vision coverage package.

If you have any inquiry regarding of health coverage of Marriott employee benefits and cannot get the right information from simple internet browsing, you may refer to the Employee Assistance Program. This 24-hour program is provided by Marriot with bilingual line phone call in case their employees need help regarding various issues, including their health benefits.

Marriott Employee Benefits for Retirement

For retirement Marriott employee benefits, the company has 401K plan, which is a great benefit to be gained by any employee who work for this company. This benefit offers opportunity with pre-tax savings and 75% employer matching contribution for the top 4.5% percentage of employees who are eligible to contribute to the plan. In order to be considered eligible, you have to be minimum of 21 years old and work for the company for at least 12 months.

Marriott Employee Discounts

Marriott Vacation Policy – Paid Time Off

The hardworking employees of Marriott International Inc. are deemed by the company to be eligible to receive a break once in a while. This is the reason behind offered paid time off (PTO) benefits. The employees are eligible to receive 140 PTO hours if they have worked for the company for 12 months. In addition, there’s also paid parental leave for new parents.

Paid Parental Leave

Employees of Marriott Corporation who is expecting parents or adoptive parents are qualified to receive paid time off in span of 8 weeks under paid parental leave benefit. For new mothers who are recently giving birth, they are eligible to receive additional maternity paid leave, which totals in 12 weeks of paid parental leave.

Adoption Assistance

Marriott International Inc. offers a benefit package called Adoption Assistance for the employees and associates. This program provides reimbursement for eligible expenses of adoption, such as legal and court fees, placement fees, agency, application fees, home studies, immigration, counseling, transportation, immunization, lodging, meals, and many more. The numbers of adoption qualified for the benefit is not limited.

Marriott Employee Career

Other Employee Perks at Marriott Corporation

The employees at Marriot Corporation are being taken care well by the company. Since the company’s establishment more than 90 years ago, the corporation has promoting and nurturing policies for the employees. One of the Marriott employee benefits is J-1 visa program, which provides openings for interns and global students to obtain real-world working experience at Marriott’s working environment.


The business of Marriott International Inc. is centered on hospitability. This a strong reason to offer best hospitable perks for the staffs, which takes a form of exclusive travel benefit. Moreover, the company knows that there is no fun in traveling alone, so it also provides discounts for family members and friends of Marriott’s employees. To gain extra bonuses during the traveling time, the employees are also able to gain Marriott Bonvoy status credit.

Paid Volunteer Work

Through paid volunteer benefit, the employees of Marriott are given a chance to create difference outside of the work environment and pursue their virtue-based passions. Each employee of this company is eligible for 50 hours of paid volunteer time to work towards charitable deeds.

Marriott Employee Benefits, Perks, and Discounts

Tuition Assistance

Marriott International Inc. doesn’t offer student loan program. However, the company has tuition reimbursement programs for college or GED students for qualified studies. The headquarters of the company also provides exclusive benefits of property, including gift shop, dry cleaner, and on-site gym.

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From the passage above, it can be concluded that Marriott employee benefits are provided in diversified packages. The information can be useful for anyone who needed it, including those who are going or already join the company.