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AT&T Universal Card Login – If you are a customer of AT&T and a holder of an AT&T Universal Card, then you should know that you can access the web portal at to proceed with AT&T Universal Card Login.

If you have come to this article, then you might be looking for ways to access the various features offered from the portal of AT&T Universal Card Login. Make notes that you will also be able to register an account and do any administrative tasks regarding your personal account.

If you are ready, we can head on to the full details of the web portal at so you can access your AT&T account.

What is AT&T Universal Card?

Using the AT&T Universal Card Login, you will have the ability to handle every administrative aspect of your card account. This will make the process much more convenient because you will not need to directly meet customer support.

Some features that are offered from the portal include the ability to check card statements for past and current months, check the full detail of the card account along with the summary, set up automatic bill payment for monthly subscriptions, and other amazing features.

After you understand the basic features of the portal, we can now start to elaborate the process to log in to the AT&T Universal Card Login at

Please have your personal credentials ready before moving on to the main login process. Those details are required so you can access the full features of the portal.

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AT&T Universal Card Login Requirements

  • The main official web address for AT&T Universal Card Login that we have mentioned above.
  • You should have a username and password on the portal. If you don’t, make an account first.
  • An internet browser so you can access the web features.
  • Your personal smartphone or computer that is equipped with working internet access.

AT&T Universal Card Register

Only some simple steps are required to access your account on the web portal. Those easy steps are:

  • Visit the URL at This is the official website for AT&T Universal Card Login.AT&T Universal Card Register
  • You will be shown a link that says Register for online access. You need to click on that link for the signup process to start.AT&T Universal Card Register 2
  • Check your AT&T Universal Card and find the unique 16-digit card number. Type that string of numbers on the portal as your unique identifier.
  • After that, you will be able to click the “Continue Set Up” link. The portal will process your unique card number to verify your identity.

If you are not an expert in registering new accounts online, you don’t need to worry as the website will always guide you through by giving you complete instructions. The account on AT&T Universal Card Login will be created instantly. But, make sure that you also provide other details such as your Social Security Number, Address, Date of Birth, and other information when you are required to.

AT&T Universal Card Login at

Only some simple steps are required to activate your account on the web portal. Those easy steps are:

  • Visit the URL at This is the official website for AT&T Universal Card Login.AT&T Universal Card Login at
  • Provide the portal with your username and password that you have acquired from the signing up process.
  • If your personal details are correct, click on the “Sign On” button and your account will be instantly activated.

AT&T Universal Card Forgot Password

  • Visit the URL at This is the official website for AT&T Universal Card Login.AT&T Universal Card Forgot Password
  • Scour the main page of the portal until you find a link that simply says “Forgot Password?”. Click on that link.AT&T Universal Card Forgot Password 2
  • You should enter your username so the portal can start the process to identify the account you want to gain access to.
  • Proceed by typing in your card number that is associated with your account.
  • Clicking the “Continue” button will instantly bring you to a page where you can see instructions on how to retrieve your account password.

AT&T Universal Card Contact Details

Customer support is always available if you run into issues when accessing your account at AT&T Universal Card Login. They will be ready for any inquiry that you have regarding your card and your online account. Please don’t hesitate to contact the support whenever you need it.

  • Customer service: 800-950-51-14
  • Technical support: 877-660-11-51

Mailing Address

  • Citibank Customer Service
    P.O. Box 6500
    Sioux Falls, SD 57117

Official Website:

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This short information has been about everything that’s related to AT&T Universal Card Login at Hopefully, it is useful for your needs, and leave a comment if you have any other questions.