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In this article, we will talk about Home Depot credit card and how to apply for it using reference number. To apply for this card, you can do it through the Home Depot official website at www.homedepot.com/applynow.

The Home Depot credit card can also be obtained in the web portal of Citi Bank.

However, using reference number for applying Home Depot credit card will only be done if you get an offer of pre-approved credit card from your chosen credit card provider.

If you already obtained the offer, you can make the application processes shortly.

If you are having difficulties while applying for Home Depot credit card, or have not gotten the offer, simply apply for it in the Citi Bank official website.

Below, you will find the method of applying credit card using a reference number. Also included are the card types, rate and fee information, benefits, and also how to get the reference number in question. Try to read it thoroughly first then you can apply it directly with the help of this guide.

Home Depot Apply Now with Reference Number

Home Depot Credit Card Types

It turns out that Home Depot credit card is not one-type credit card. There are four of them, which will be listed below:

  • The Consumer Credit Card
  • The Commercial Account Card
  • The Project Loan
  • The Commercial Revolving Credit Card

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Home Depot Credit Card Rate & Fee

  • The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is variative, starting from 17.99% and going up to 26.99%.
  • Minimal minimum interest of $2.
  • Any late payments, you’ll be charged $39.
  • The due date is the 25th date every cycle.

Home Depot Customer Credit Card Notes

  • $25 discount for your first purchase up to $999.
  • These offers are special only for new account.
  • If you spend $1,000 as first-shopping, get a chance to have $100 off!
  • For unofficial charges, you pay zero liability.
  • The offer will be ended after 30 days since your first entry.
  • The card will be enabled to use for 84 months.

Home Depot Card Financing

  • In-home purchase for 12-month with minimum amount of $299 to $998*.
  • In-home purchase for 18-month with minimum amount of $999 and $1,998*.
  • In-home purchase for 24-month with minimum amount of $1,999.

Home Depot Credit Card Benefits

  • With Home Depot credit card, you will be capable to enjoy daily financing for more than $299 product purchase in Home Depot. This offer is for 6 months.
  • There is no annual fee embedded along with the card.
  • The Home Depot credit card is usable in both online retail site and in the physical store.
  • Zero liability for unofficial shopping (under certain Terms & Conditions)
  • Exclusive benefits for this Home Depot card users.
  • One year free returns for all cardholders or Home Depot credit card.
  • In special period, Home Depot credit card users are eligible to obtain deferred interest periods for 6 months.

Home Depot Credit Card Apply with Reference Number

  • First, you got to access the retailer’s official website at www.homedepot.com/applynow.Home Depot Credit Card Apply with Reference Number
  • Key in all these details:
    • Invitation number
    • Your last name, and
    • The first five digits of your Social Security Number
  • Continue by clicking ‘Continue to Apply’ menu. You’ll be redirected to the next page.
  • Once reaching this step, reference number will be handed in to you. You can use this number for online application.

About Home Depot

In fact, Home Depot is USA’s largest retailer for home improvement stuff. The store supplies various construction tools and materials, as well as the services. In 1978, the retailer was established by several founding fathers: Bernard Marcus, Ron Bill Pat Farrah, Arthur Blank, and Kenneth Langone. The company headquarter is located in Georgia, but the mailing address is set to be in Atlanta.

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Well, that is the basic information about Home Depot credit card, plus the steps to apply for this credit card accompanied with a reference number that you can do at www.homedepot.com/applynow. It is relatively easy if you stick to the aforementioned procedure. However, if you feel there is something you’d want to query, simply leave your comment.