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As one of the largest online dating website in the world, Plenty of Fish has successfully match thousands of couples. As a matter of fact, it is not strange at all to hear couples that get married after meeting on Plenty of Fish.

Plenty of Fish online dating site has over ten million members and the number of users keep increasing every day. Since this website has so many members, it is highly possible that you can also find the lover of your dream from this online dating platform.

The first step to find a potential match is certainly by creating Plenty of Fish account. After that, you can use the features the site provide and start your online dating journey.

One of the most important features of Plenty of Fish that you should not miss is POF search by name. Now, let’s find out what POF search by name is and also how to use it.

Plenty of Fish has three different search features. They are Basic Search, Advanced Search and the last one is POF search by name.

POF Search by Name

Each and every one of those features has different functions and those three features can help you finding potential match.

However, POF search by name is special because you can find Plenty of Fish users very specifically. For example, if you want to find an “Anna”, you simply need to type “Anna” on the POF username search bar.

After that, the search result will display every Plenty of Fish members with “Anna” in their username. Once you have found the “Anna” that you are looking for, you can start chatting with her on Plenty of Fish platform.

Now, to help you understand how to perform POF search by name more clearly, let’s see this step by step guide.

  1. First of all, go the Plenty of Fish (POF) official website.
  2. Click “Search” and wait until the page loads. Once the Search page is displayed, you can see three options available. Basic Search, Advanced Search and Username Search.
  3. To perform POF search by name, click Username Search.
  4. If you know the specific username of the member you want to search, type it immediately on the search bar. But if you don’t, simply type any related keyword and the search result will show every user that has that keyword in their username.
  5. Click “find user” and once the result is displayed, choose the member whose profile you want to view. After that, you can start interacting with them.

POF search by name is a great feature. But, to improve your online dating experience, don’t forget to take advantage of the Basic and Advanced Search as well.

If you prefer to date people with some specific types, for example age or location, Basic and Advanced Search will be more helpful than username search.

With Basic Search, you can find potential match by their age, sign, ethnicity, state, body type, location and also education.

Meanwhile, with Advanced Search you can even be more specific since you are able to search people by their religion, zip code and body height.

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