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Plenty of Fish is an online dating site that is very easy to use. Even if it the features are very user friendly, you might still have some questions regarding the platform, especially concerning POF deleted user. This article will answer all your curiosity about that specific issue.

Some users reported that their Plenty of Fish account suddenly disappears but they don’t have any idea why. One thing for sure, POF dating platform will not delete an account without any reasons.

Plenty of Fish has a set of rules regarding POF deleted user. If you find out that your account is suddenly gone, it means you might have broken one of the website’s rules.

There are six common reasons for POF deleted user. Firstly, you are kicked out from the official website of Plenty of Fish because you are just looking for a hook up.

There are many platforms that you can use to look for casual sex, but Plenty of Fish online dating is not one of them. If it is found out that you contact other users only to hook up, your account will be deleted.

POF Deleted User

If you are married but still register to the website, you have violated the second rules of POF deleted user. Plenty of Fish is created to help connecting singles who want to involve in serious relationship. So, if you are found out to be married, don’t be surprised if your account is suddenly deleted.

Thirdly, Plenty of Fish official website is also forbidden for underage kids, scammers, spammers and people who use POF dating site as a platform to promote their business.

The best thing about this platform is it is capable to filter accounts that are suspected for those unruly behaviors, which will ensure the convenience of Plenty of Fish users who truly want to find love.

Fourthly, accounts that have been blocked too many times by other users will go straight to the list of POF deleted user. So, if you don’t want your POF account to be deleted, make sure to avoid sending rude or inappropriate comments to other users.

Plenty of Fish also will not tolerate any racist and sexist remarks as well as discrimination towards sexual orientation or disability.

The fifth aspect that is addressed by POF deleted user rules is inappropriate photos. Users are not allowed to post nudes and other inappropriate photos to the website. Failure to comply will result account deletion.

Lastly, if you login from countries where Plenty of Fish is not available yet, your account also will be automatically deleted. Therefore, pay attention to this before signing up.

So, can you remember which mistakes you have committed that make your account got deleted?

If you think you have not violated any of those six rules, then simply contact Plenty of Fish customer service because it is possible that your account is deleted by mistake.

As a reputable online dating site, POF will protect its users from irresponsible parties that can harm the safe environment of the site. Therefore, this website doesn’t give any rooms for people who go against the rules of POF deleted user.

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