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LGFCU login process is a set of steps that you have to complete in order to access your online Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU) bank account.

LGFCU is a member-run and member-owned bank that operates in North Carolina. It provides various banking services to its members that are comprised of local government employees and volunteers.

The LGFCU online portal site allows you to take benefits of all its membership benefits beside of its banking products and services.

There are plenty of beneficial features you can access in this site to manage your banking account.

For example, you are able to make online credit card bill payments, make new savings account, apply for a loan, apply to create deposit account, adjust your personal banking information, and many more.

To read and learn about the LGFCU login steps, simply scroll through this article down and you will find them along with other useful guide such as how to recover your LGFCU account’s password.

How to join LGFCU?

As LGFCU services are available for government employees and volunteers of North Carolina, you may join if you are one by applying for a share account. Share account is a credit union’s equivalent of bank saving account, where you pay interest as dividends on your savings.

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Who Can join LGFCU?

While State Employees’ Credit Union (SECU) provides services to help with employees’ needs in the state level, Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU) is meant to focus on the local level. The basic principle is all the same, which is to improve the lives of their members and make each member the stakeholder to give them opportunity to shape and decide the organization’s future.

You are eligible to apply for membership at North Caroline LGFCU, if you are an employee or volunteer of:

  1. Councils of Government
  2. County governments of North Carolina
  3. Cities, towns, and villages’ municipalities in North Carolina
  4. Associations of North Carolina’s Local government
  5. Districts (water, soil, and sanitation conservation)
  6. Commissions (economic and planning development)
  7. Authorities (housing, airport, water, sewer)
  8. Emergency management services, (law enforcement, fire and rescue departments)
  9. Parks and recreation departments
  10. Libraries
  11. Hospitals (certain listed hospitals)
  12. ABC Boards and store

LGFCU Member Benefits

  • Loan application
  • Overdraft transfer service enrollment
  • Personal information adjustment
  • Electronic statements enrollment
  • Notice reception through email
  • Deposit account application
  • Online bill payments
  • Buying services for new car
  • Check orders

After you’ve read about the benefits of being LGFCU member, now it’s time to read about what you need and what you have to do to complete LGFCU login procedure.

LGFCU Login Requirements

  • The official LGFCU login.
  • Membership account with valid password and username.
  • Web browser.
  • Internet-connecting device (desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet).


Read and follow these steps to perform login to your account at LGFCU portal site:

  • Open the official LGFCU login web at www.lgfcu.org.LGFCU Login
  • Input your password and username.
  • Select ‘Login’ menu to proceed with accessing the account.

LGFCU Forgot Password

Read and follow these steps to recover the password of your account at LGFCU portal site:

  • Open the official LGFCU login address at www.lgfcu.org.LGFCU Forgot Password
  • Select ‘Forgot Password?’ menu.LGFCU Forgot Password 2
  • Input your username and the last 5 digits of your SSN, then select ‘Continue’ menu.
  • Follow the rest of instructional steps to recover your password.

LGFCU Login Help

  • Dial 888-732-8563
  • Alternatively, dial 800-328-4543 (Toll-free) for 24 hours service of voice response.
  • Official website: www.lgfcu.org

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Final Words

Feel free to follow the provided LGFCU login guide above to connect with your account. You may also reach for the available phone call numbers above if you encounter issue or trouble when accessing the site.