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Chase Mortgage Refinance Rates is considered to be one of the best in United States. As a part of United States’ oldest financial firms, Morgan Chase and Co., this company offers a wide range of mortgage products for home purchases and mortgage refinancing.

J.P Morgan and Chase Manhattan merged in November 2000. They have financial assets as big as $2.3 trillion. Morgan Chase and Co. has two separate corporate identities as well customer base.

At 2013, the company was the third largest mortgage bank in United States for mortgage servicing and lending. The services are still going strong today.

The fixed rate-mortgages of Chase Mortgage Refinance Rates are available 10 up to 40 years. Here are the examples of mortgage rate with terms provided by Chase; 10-year of fixed rated home loan is considerably lower than 15-year mortgages for the interest rate.

Meanwhile, the Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) are 1 up to 10 years with initial terms. ARMs rates are locked on a shorter term, eventually leads to lower interest rates. New rates should be refreshed according to the ongoing mortgage market after the first term is terminated or outdated.

Chase Mortgage Refinance Rates

Chase Mortgage Refinance Rates down payments with up to 5 percent on fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages for first-time home buyers are also available as one of Chase’s Mortgage Program. This program is called DreaMaker Mortgage. In addition, the closing cost assistance is also available.

Chase Mortgage Refinance Rates program are enabling borrowers to reduce their monthly payments. Cash-out refinance is available as well to pay off faster for your home mortgage.

If you are not Chase’s customer, you can still to refinance your mortgage through J.P Morgan Chase finance near you. Chase Mortgage Refinance loans are similar for borrowers who are looking forward to purchase a house.

Fixed rate loans are available using the same terms as those who offered for purchasing a home. The main difference is the down payment that can be swap with loan. If you have a loan, then the adjustable rate of mortgage can be secured using your own equity home.

Moreover, Chase Mortgage Refinance Rates programs also available for homeowners who are having difficulties in refinancing their home. Chase is a member of Home Affordable Refinance Program or HARP.

This company can help homeowners who have a low number of home equity but still want to refinance it. Established by the federal government, it enables homeowners to lower mortgage interest rate, even if their debt is larger than their house rate.

Well, HARP can give opportunities to refinance with less paperwork than the average refinancing. The borrowers of HARP may either reduce or extend the mortgage.

The terms and conditions are applied for using HARP. Furthermore, HARP is considered as a part of Chase Mortgage Refinance Rates program.

To be eligible for HARP loan, there are several qualifications. First, homeowners must demonstrate an acceptable payment history on the existing loan.

Second, they must be the newly HARP users and not already refinance through HARP before. For more Chase Mortgage Refinance Rates information, contact the Chase Mortgage Banker near you or just visit the website at