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First Premier Credit Card Login. Rebuilding one’s credit is the primary goal of the First Premier card.

First Premier bank offers the First Premier credit card, which is an unsecured card aimed primarily at those with low credit ratings who want to improve their standing.

First Premier credit card activity is reported to three distinct departments and may usually increase your credit score in 18 to 24 months.

There are a number of features on the First Premier credit card that may help you keep track of your cash flow. Depending on the size of your credit line, a deposit of $200 to $3000 is required to open it.

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How does the First Premier Credit Card work?

As of this writing, the interest rate for First Premier Credit Card is 36%. Based on credit limit, the annual cost is between $45 and $125.

Poor credit cardholders face large APRs and hefty fees, making it one of the most expensive options.

Fees associated with the First Premier Credit card are dependent on your credit limit and change according to that. There is a one-time cost of between $55 and $95, depending on the program.

A monthly charge of up to $10.40 is also required. For international transactions, First Premier Credit Card costs 3%.

Late or returned payments on the First Premier Credit Card are subject to a $39 fee, and an additional card for an authorized user is charged at a rate of $29 per card. It’s possible to request a higher credit limit after a period of 13 months.

First Premier Credit Card Advantages

  • Your most recent payment transactions are sent to you by SMS and email for free.
  • Your FICO credit score is sent to you free of charge each month in the form of a payment statement.
  • There is no need for paper statements with this product.
  • In the event of an emergency, you may receive credit protection that would cover the cost of your credit card payment.
  • Your First Premier credit card information is kept secure in a digital wallet.
  • You may access your account online at any time of day or night.
  • Each time you make a transaction, it is sent to three different agencies.

The features of the First Premier Credit Card have been explained, so now we can examine how to log in to to access the card. The First Premier Credit Card Login procedure is about to begin, but first things first. Let me give you a heads-up on what you’ll need to do to log into your First Premier Credit Card.

Requirements for Using a First Premier Credit Card

  • Access the First Premier Credit Card Login Website.
  • Password and Login ID must be correct.
  • Use of a computer’s browser software.
  • Reliable internet connectivity on a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

First Premier Credit Card Login at

To get access to your First Premier Credit Card account, just complete the instructions listed below:

  • Go to to see your First Premier Credit Card account information.First Premier Credit Card Login at
  • As a last step, please insert both your Login ID and password into the inputbox provided.
  • To access your First Premier Credit Card account, click on the “LOGIN” button.

First Premier Credit Card Password Reset?

In order to successfully recover your First Premier Credit Card login information, please follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Go to to see your First Premier Credit Card account information.
  • Now, please click on the “FORGOT USERNAME/PASSWORD?” link as indicated in the above picture to recover your account information.
  • First Premier Credit Card Password Reset
  • In the area given, please enter your social security number and account number and choose Forgot Username or Forgot Password.
  • Finally, click on the “CONTINUE” button and follow the instructions for Forgot your password.

Guys!! Call 1-800-987-5521 to get assistance if you still can’t find or reset your login or password after going through this procedure.

Customer Service for First Premier Credit Cards

Here are the First Premier Credit Card’s contact information, which may be of assistance in resolving your issues as quickly as possible. Let’s just get right to it and choose a method of contact right now.


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