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Are you happened to be one of the regulars at Houlihan’s? If your answer is yes, then chance is, you are eligible to join the Houlihan’s survey. This survey comprises of a set of questions for customers, with a purpose to measure their satisfaction in various aspects.

The gathered data from this survey is going to be used by the company to make improvements in areas that required them.

The Houlihan’s survey is conducted online through the site of www.holihansfeedback.com. It only takes no more than several minutes to complete.

Houlihan’s Survey at www.houlihansfeedback.com

Not only this provides you with opportunity to voice out your opinion or suggestions for the restaurant, but also offers you with a chance to win reward. You may read more details about the reward of this survey and other necessary information to know in this article.

About Houlihan’s

Houlihan’s Restaurants, Inc. is an American-based restaurant chain that operates nationwide, that also runs several different restaurant concepts under its wings. Houlihan’s restaurants stand out amongst their competitors due to the bar-focused and concept of open kitchen.

The main office of this restaurant is located at Leawood, Kansas. To these days, approximately 60% of their branches are franchised while the rest are privately owned.

Houlihan’s has successfully positioned itself apart from other restaurant by offering unique combination between fine and casual dining. The concept is designed by how the company shifts focus and mindset of quality and style between different branches.

The restaurant provides ethnic and contemporary American-style menu, such as grilled steaks, and contemporary offers such as ramen bowls. It also develops well-ranged options for its customers, including vegetarian fares, natural ingredients foods, family and individual portion items, etc.

HoulihansFeedback Survey Details

RewardHoulihan’s Coupons
PurchaseNot Necessary
LocationThe USA

Houlihan’s Survey Rewards

In return of taking out your time to answer the survey, the company presents incentive or reward as benefit for the participants. The reward is a form of appreciation from the company to their loyal customers. By the end of the survey, the participant is going to be granted with a coupon code that yields them with special discount on their upcoming visit to one of the Houlihan’s restaurants.

Note: Houlihan’s management may modify what reward available for the participants, so look for more accurate details about the reward on your purchase receipt.

Houlihan’s Survey Terms and Conditions

There are several limitation and restriction applied for potential participants of the Houlihan’s survey, as follows:

  • Required to be aged 18 or older.
  • Required to understand English.
  • Required to use computer, laptop, or other feasible devices with internet connection.
  • Required to save the purchase receipt from Houlihan’s restaurant.
  • Required to present email that allows the participant to be reached out should he/she selected for the prize.
  • Restricted of joining more than once for all participants.
  • Restricting from joining for employees or family members of employees at Houlihan’s.

Houlihan’s Survey at www.houlihansfeedback.com

Here are the several steps you have to perform to take a part in the Houlihan’s survey and gain a chance to win discount code:

  • Open the official site of Houlihan’s survey at the address of www.houlihansfeedback.com.
  • Type in the access code as written on your purchase receipt.
  • Press the button of ‘Start’ to begin the survey.
  • Hold on for a while before the site offers you with a set of questions related to your visit to the Houlihan’s restaurant.
  • Review how well your perception and satisfaction of the general visiting experience at Houlihan’s restaurant.
  • Review how well your perception and satisfaction of specific aspects during your visiting experience at Houlihan’s restaurant.
  • Review and give genuine response for the available items in the online survey that vary from the store, service, menu, and many more qualities about the Houlihan’s restaurant.
  • Input the personal details required for contact and identification purpose as one of the participants in the survey.
  • Finally, end the survey by attaining the provided code that allows you to receive special discount on your upcoming visit to Houlihan’s restaurant.


You can discover all the information you need to know about the Houlihan’s survey which conducted at www.houlihansfeedback.com here in this article. Don’t miss your chance to attain special discount through getting the code by completing this survey and help the restaurant to improve their foods and services.