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UPS Employee Benefits – United Parcel Service (UPS) is providing their employees with the UPS official site so they can check the UPS Employee Benefits that they are privileged to receive. This article will discuss about those benefits along with the company’s working culture if you want to work for UPS.

This article will help you regarding the issue of UPS Employee Benefits that are offered by the company. We will also feature honest UPS Worker Reviews to help you decide whether you want to work for the company.

Aside from those, this article will also discuss about the UPS Employee Discounts and other employee benefits that you can enjoy by simply visiting the UPS Employee Benefits Official Site. Remember, you will still need to have your personal credentials to use the UPS employee login webpage.

United Parcel Service (UPS) Overview

UPS Employee Benefits

United Parcel Service (UPS) is an international cargo delivery and supply management company that originated in America. Their main office is located in Sandy Springs in the state of Georgia. Their services include delivering packages, along with providing business services such as UPS Freight, Drone delivery service (also called UPS Flight Forward), UPS Airlines, and other services.

With their main office located in Sandy Springs, the company has around 481,000 people working for them worldwide. The company is successful due to the fact that they treat their employees as a vital part of their daily operation. To ensure that their employees are happy while working for UPS, the company offers amazing packages from the UPS employee benefits and perks. These job perks can be enjoyed by everyone working for the company, including full-time and part-time employees. The differences will be explained in this article.

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UPS Employee Benefits and Perks

United Parcel Service (UPS) always makes sure that the company can develop and empower its employees’ skills by providing free training and development programs.

UPS is providing those programs to help their employees maintain good work and develop them into leaders in the future for the company.

An enterprise-wide learning management system is also available providing a full library and online courses with video on demand for employees’ education. Meanwhile, for students who work for the company, UPS will also offer generous reimbursement for their tuition fees to help those students in supporting their education while working for the company. This program can be enjoyed both by part-time and full-time employees

United Parcel Service (UPS) also has a program in the UPS Employee Benefits called Earn and Learn that is available for part-time and full-time employees. With this program, the company will provide free counseling services to help their employees with their life situations


UPS Benefits

United Parcel Service has the vision to create an equal opportunity for each and every single one of their employees to create success regardless of their race or skin color. This is why they provide a You Discover program so employees can showcase their distinctive skills, perspectives, and experiences.

This diversity and inclusion program from the UPS Employee Benefits will allow the company to connect better to their customers and suppliers while also empowering the employees and the related communities. This mission is designed by the company through business practices, community investments, advocacy groups, and other channels to set up a good example of how a workplace should be.

UPS Employee Benefits For Part-Time

If you work for the United Parcel Service (UPS) as a part-time employee, you will be provided with a TeamsterCare account that will cover a lot of perks from the job. These benefits will be different from the ones that are offered for UPS full-time employees.

You will be considered a part-time employee that can be eligible for the benefits if you have worked for the company for more than 225 hours in a three-month eligibility period. But your hours have to be less than 400 hours to get the part-time UPS Employee Benefits. The benefits included in the part-time package are:

  • Medical services for urgent care and hospitalization.
  • Dental care
  • vision care
  • Coverage for pharmacy and prescription drugs.
  • Healthcare plan for behavioral therapy.
  • Hearing care.
  • Employee assistance program (EAP)

But, these things are not included in the package:

  • Life insurance program
  • Weekly disability assistance
  • AD&D insurance

UPS Employee Benefits And Perks Summary

The UPS Employees Reviews have listed some of the best points from the UPS Employee Benefits package that they have received. Those benefits include:

  • 401(k) programs.
  • Paid toll fees
  • Health insurance plans
  • Dental insurance coverage
  • Vision insurance coverage
  • Employee discounts
  • Flexible schedule
  • Flexible PTO days
  • Defined contribution pension plan
  • Weekly bonuses
  • Reimbursement for tuition fees
  • Healthcare reimbursement account
  • Bonuses for workers with good performance

UPS Employee Discounts

A full-time employee of UPS can enjoy those UPS Employee Benefits and perks from the first day of their hiring. But, there might still be some detailed classifications on the perks that will be given to full-time and part-time employees.

UPS Jobs and Careers

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Hopefully, this article can give you a clear view of the UPS Employee Benefits along with the perks and the discounts that you are eligible to get while working for the company.