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TSM Daequan net worth should be the huge amount of money everyone is wondering about. Yes, TSM Daequan is one of the most popular gamers and Twitch streamer all across the world. Well, he is wealthy for sure because of the job. Find out his total net worth and more information about it below.

TSM Daequan Net Worth in 2020

This is the information about TSM Daequan net worth 2020. Basically, he has the net worth over the $4 million this year and this is where he gets all his money.

  1. Team SoloMid

The main TSM Daequan net worth comes from his involvement in Team Solo Mid. This is the place where professional esport players get together playing high-end games like Battlefield, Fortnite, Earthfall and many more. For getting in this team, it is believed that TSM Daequan is paid in mothly salary. It is like any other job in the office.

The monthly salary TSM Daequan received is around $600,000 per month. This is quite small compared to his whole TSM Daequan net worth. However, he is still having numerous other incomes that will support his total net worth.

  1. Sponsorship Deals

TSM Daequan net worth also comes from sponsorship deals for sure. He is hired and paid to represent some brands as well. Several of the brands that have the gamer as their brand ambassador are including Dr. Pepper, Logitech, Geico and HTC as well.

TSM Daequan Net Worth

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TSM Daequan Net Worth from Social Media

TSM Daequan net worth comes from his social media platforms as well. There are three platforms that he uses the most. They have become his income as well and here they are:

  1. His YouTube Channel

TSM Daequan net worth is coming from his YouTube channel. He has over 5.3 million subscribers in the channel. His channel is mostly uploading gaming videos and his fans and a lot in there. From his YouTube channel, he can make money around $750,000 a year or even more.

  1. His Instagram Page

TSM Daequan wealth is also sourced from his Instagram page. The page has 5 million followers and he can monetize the platform easily with that much follower. The followers gain him around $62,000 a month and mostly it is from endorsement and other type of paid partnership.

  1. His Twitch Streaming

The gamer is a keen Twitch streamer. He streams his games on the platform and it has like 3.8 million followers. From the platform, he can get $350 per day. It is a lot of money considering that you are uploading on daily basis because of the hobby. This is why the platform is one of the gamer’s biggest sources of money all the time.

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Now you can see his wealth is coming from so many different types of sources. If you have read the information above, you will no longer wonder about TSM Daequan net worth and why he gets so wealthy from time to time. It is because he has so many different ways to make money.