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Tesla Employee Benefits – Tesla is an American company that specializes in producing electric vehicles that use clean energy. Their products include plug-in electric vehicles as well as high-performance and modern electric vehicles with a lot of amazing features.

Currently, Tesla is employing more than 48,000 people for their company. The main office is located in Palo Alto, California.

Due to a large number of their employees, the company is offering Tesla Employee Benefits to make sure that their employees are happy and loyal while working for them.

Tesla Employee Benefits and Perks

The benefits programs are given to employees to make sure they can develop their careers and contribute a lot more good work for the company. Those are the main objectives of giving the benefits to their employees.

Aside from that, Tesla Employee Benefits are also given to maintain a good work culture in the company. The management is also very supportive of their employees’ careers so they can improve the standards of their business.

Tesla Employee Benefits

This article will cover the Tesla Employee Benefits that you will be able to receive if you want to work for Tesla Motors. Even if you’re still applying for Tesla Motors, this article should be useful for you to know what you should expect from the company.

The Objectives of Tesla Employee Benefits

Tesla’s main business is to manufacture modern and high-performance electric vehicles for customers around the world. Their vehicles are known to be very good and efficient and also very clean because they do not burn fossil fuel.

Tesla Motors Employee Benefits

The Tesla Employee Benefits are offered to every employee to keep everyone working for them loyal and happy. This is important because their workers are skilled people.

Skilled workers are not easy to find and the company is eager to keep them loyal to the company. So the company gives out benefit packages so their staff can develop their career for a long time in the company.

Employee Benefits at Tesla

Every aspect of the employees is considered when the company is giving out Tesla Employee Benefits, including their physical, mental, social, and financial needs. Aside from making the employees happy, the benefits are also offered to make sure the employees are productive so the company can keep the production line working properly.

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What Are Tesla Employee Benefits?

As we have mentioned before, the main objective of Tesla Employee Benefits is to make sure that the employees can have a long career in the company while keeping excellent productivity.

It has been proven that the perks and benefits that are offered by Tesla Motors are some of the best compared to other companies in the industry.

Not only that the employees will be supported professionally, but the benefits are also meant to provide financial support for the employees and their families.

Attractive benefit programs and packages are always available for everyone working for Tesla Motors. The employees can be assured that every single one of their needs will be taken care of by their company.

Tesla Employee Discounts

Tesla Employee Compensation and Benefits

You can see how the Tesla Employee Benefits are much more beneficial compared to what other companies are offering.

Tesla Employee BenefitsDescription
Health InsuranceA full coverage insurance plan that will include basic healthcare along with vision and dental care. The plan will also cover hospital room accommodations, prescription drugs, medical supplies, and travel emergencies.
Life Insurance
  • Tesla Life Insurance is offered where beneficiaries will receive up to two years’ worth of employee’s salary and some other additional perks.
  • Maximum payout of $1,000,000.
Dental InsuranceFree dental care for preventative procedures, orthodontia services, and dental surgeries for reconstructive procedures.
Vision CoverageCoverage for prescription glasses, eye surgery, lenses, and other vision-related medical assistance.
Retirement Savings PlanOptions for investment and retirement plans.
Business Travel InsuranceFull coverage of medical care while traveling for the company’s business.
Employee Stock Purchase PlanEmployees who want to buy the company’s stock will get a 15% discount off the market price.
Short Term Disability
  • The company will pay 66,7% of employees’ salary when they experience short-term disability for up to 17 weeks.
  • The maximum amount of financial support is $1,000 per week.
Long Term Disability
  • The company will pay 60% of employees’ salary when they experience long term disability
  • The maximum amount of financial support is $5,000.
Insurance for Work-related Accidents
  • The company will pay out a lump sum of two years worth of salary to beneficiaries.
  • The maximum payout is $1,000,000.
Employee DiscountA 35% discount on all Tesla Motors products.
Employee Assistance ProgramFree assistance support is available all time.
Tesla Employee Discount
  • A 35% discount for Tesla products.
  • A 15% discount for Tesla’s stock.
Tesla Vacation PolicyUnlimited paid time off for employees.

Tesla Jobs and Career

The Tesla Motors company is always hiring for these jobs:

  • Engineering division.
  • Vehicle detailers.
  • Assembly line workers.
  • Production line crew.
  • Electrician.
  • Plant managers.
  • Sales and showroom employees.
  • Administration workers.
  • Marketing.
  • Customer Service.

Tesla Jobs and Careers

If you want to apply to Tesla Motors, you can check out job openings by going to:

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This article has been about the Tesla Employee Benefits that you can get while working for the company. Make sure that you check out any current job openings if you want to work for Tesla Motors.