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Working at TD Bank will surely guarantee you to get the TD Bank Employee Benefits. The benefits are so many, and they are all aimed to make sure everyone working at the bank, with no exception, will have great time working there, as well as the balanced well-being and health.

The employees will have their access to the benefits by visiting the bank’s employee website. If they are new or know nothing about it, this information below is surely helpful. It will inform all employees how to access their benefits and to understand what exactly the benefits they are getting there.

Follow this information below, so you won’t find it hard to figure out whether or not you are entitled to the good benefit from TD bank.

About Toronto-Dominion Bank

TD Bank Employee Benefits

Toronto Dominion Bank or shortly known as TD Bank is one of the biggest banks in Canada. It has been serving the banking and financial service to anyone in the country, and it has been going internationally as well. The bank has its headquarter in Toronto, Canada, but the services spreads all around the world, reaching the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

To this day, the bank has more than 80,000 employees spread all over its branches globally. The benefits given to employees are to make sure every single one of them gets the facilities and coverage. The TD Bank Employee Benefits will also make the employees happy, so they can serve the customers better.

Therefore, if you are working at the bank or plan to, read the information below about the employee benefits. You should understand that working at TD Bank is one of the best decisions you ever made in your entire life. Here is the full information about it.

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TD Bank Employee Benefits

The main goal of giving benefits to employees is to make sure they will have great time at work, and the rest of the day. The employees do not have to worry at all about anything as TD Bank Employee Benefits cover mostly about everything.

TD Bank Employee Benefits and Perks

  • Retirement Plans
    • To prepare for retirement, all employees will have the offer to get Canada Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan.
    • 401(k) retirement plan is also available for all employees of TD Bank. They can choose between 2% and 6% program, as well as the 4.5% of employee contributions.
    • The bank also offers Group Personal Pension Plan.
  • Benefit Plans
    • Insurances are given to the employees, including disability insurance, medical insurance, life insurance, dental insurance and accident insurance. Vision insurance is also available.
    • Health consultation services are fully given to the employees.
    • All employees should get their right to get Spending Accounts and Health Savings Account
    • They will also get medical reimbursement and dependent care from the company.
    • The bank provides fitness programs, counseling programs, and preventive care programs.
    • Employees will get perks in form of discounts for various events, numerous attractions, products, services, and many more.
    • They are entitled to the paid vacation.
    • Employee Ownership Plan will be given to everyone working at TD Bank
    • Share Incentive Plan will also be given to all employees.
    • Retiree medical and dental benefits are available.
  • Employee Support Programs
    • On-site wellness services are included as TD Bank Employee Benefits, so all employees can enhance their wellness and make sure they are healthy all the time.
    • Online health risk assessment is available.
    • Flu shot program is given to the employees.
    • Employee Assistance Program is available
    • Backup childcare is offered by the bank.
    • Critical Incident Trauma Response are provided by the TD Bank.
    • Employee Banking Benefits as the perks of being employees at the bank.
    • TD Helps Program for load program is available.

TD Bank Employee Benefits Eligibility and Restrictions

  • All of those TD Bank Employee Benefits are given to everyone working at the bank, whether it is full time or part time workers.
  • They are provided by the benefits, whether they are living in the UK, US, or Canada.
  • In Canada, part-time employees should be working at least 15 hours/week for at least a year to be eligible for the benefits.
  • In Canada, employee should work for at least 3 months to be eligible for Employee Ownership Plan and pension plan.
  • In the US, everyone who has been working for more 30 hours or more per a week is eligible to get TD Bank Employee Benefits.
  • In Canada, vacation pay instead of paid vacation can be offered.
  • Paid vacation is available for 25 days in the UK.
  • Retiree medical and dental programs are not currently available now.

TD Bank Benefits

TD Bank Contact Information

Customer Service: (800) 937-2000

General Assistance: (888) 751-9000 (Toll-Free Number)

Self-Service Phone Line

  • Cross-border Banking: (877) 700-2913
  • Home Equity Loans and Lines of Kredit: (800) 815-6849
  • Mortgage Loans: (866) 325-4516
  • TD Ameritrade: (800) 400-3603
  • TD Cards: (888) 561-8861
  • TD Connect Card: (888) 568-7130
  • TD Go Card: (855) 219-8050
  • TD Wealth: (866) 235-1248

Corporate Office Address

  • TD Bank Operations Center
    O. Box 219
    Lewiston, Maine 04243-0219
    United States

Visit contact page

TD Bank Official

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Basically, TD Bank brings tons of benefits for everyone working there. You should feel really lucky and appreciated to get all TD Bank Employee Benefits.