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White Spot Survey is given to everyone in exception, as long as they have been dining in or spending time at White Spot Restaurant. The survey is conducted at talktowhitespot.ca or talktowhitespot.ca/guestfeedback, and it is bringing great reward for anyone wishing to have nice future visit to the restaurant.

For you who have never done the survey, the first thing you need to know is the aim of this survey. It has the goal to make sure you are able to bring out your customer experience and deliver the review. The management will get the perks of doing the survey, too, as they know what you think about their services.

So, without further ado, let’s find out more about the survey. It is including the prize of survey, the terms and conditions, as well as the step by step on how to join or participate in it. With the help of this information, you should be able to do the survey easily.

White Spot Survey at www.talktowhitespot.ca

Talktowhitespot.ca/guestfeedback Details

Company’s NameWhite Spot
Prize of Completing SurveyWhite Spot Coupons
Product Purchase NecessityNone
Participants’ Age Limit18+

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White Spot Survey Rewards

The prize is really interesting as once you completed the White Spot Survey, you should be able to get a promo code. The code will be eligible to take $5 off your next purchase. In addition, you will get approximately 10 chances to win $1,000 daily just by joining the survey. The code will be able to help you win the weekly prizes worth more than $1,500.

Note: The reward depends on the policy issued by managements, and thus they can change the reward anytime they want. Read the “Survey Reward” printed on your receipt before joining the survey.

White Spot Survey Rewards

White Spot Survey Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions applied for anyone willing to join the survey will be explained below. Make sure you are eligible for these terms and conditions before trying the White Spot Survey.

  • You should be the legal resident of the United States of America (all 50 states), Canada, District of Columbia, United Kingdom, Germany, Honduras, Puerto Rico, The Republic of Ireland or The Republic of Korea.
  • You should be in legal age of 18 years old to join the survey.
  • You should have access to internet-connected laptop, computer or devices
  • You should be able to speak or understand basic English.
  • You should have your shopping receipt on you when joining the survey.
  • You should understand the survey is not eligible for anyone working at White Spot as well as their immediate family.
  • You should understand you can join the survey only once.
  • You should have an access to active email address.
  • You should understand the survey is not transferrable in any other way.

White Spot Survey at www.talktowhitespot.ca

In order to join the White Spot Survey easily, this is what you need to do. Follow these instructions carefully.

  • Enter these addresses on your web browsers: www.talktowhitespot.ca or www.talktowhitespot.ca/guestfeedback.
  • Take a look at your sales receipt and locate the store code. Enter the code to the box available on the screen.
  • Click on the “ENTER” button.
  • Questions will start appear on the screen. Keep answering all of them until they are done. The questions are related to your experience when dining at the restaurants. Answer them all carefully and honestly.
  • You will be asked to complete the details of your personal information, such as your address, contact number, email address.
  • The survey is now done, and the reward is on your email inbox. Download the code immediately, and use it for your next visit.

About White Spot

White Spot is a chain of restaurant based on Canada. The restaurant has been around for decades and has been visited by thousands of people every year. The locations are spread through Canada as well as overseas. It has wide variety of menu and also services.

Reference Links

  • White Spot Survey Site: talktowhitespot.ca
  • White Spot Survey Site: talktowhitespot.ca/guestfeedback
  • White Spot Official Website: www.whitespot.ca

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Now, you have understood everything you need to know about White Spot Survey conducted at talktowhitespot.ca or talktowhitespot.ca/guestfeedback.

Hopefully, with the help of this post, you won’t find it hard to participate in the White Spot Survey anymore. You should be able to join the survey easily.

If you like this post, make sure you keep coming back here for more as there will be more information that you may like to know.